Solar Powered Hi-Tech Wealth S116 Phone: $510 Price Tag

The all new Hi-Tech Wealth S116 mobile phone is the latest in mobile technology and the real good thing about this phone is that you can forget about the dreaded cabled charger. There is nothing worse than be on an important call to someone then your phone battery dies, how many times has this happened to me (lots, lots, and blooming lots).

Solar Powered Hi Tech Wealth S116 Phone: 510 dollar Price Tag

There have been many concepts and prototypes when it comes to mobile phones, and for once they have brought it into production. The specs are ok well more than ok but the price is something they should work on, the price is a massive $510. The main specs on the S116 are 1.3 MP camera, MP3 player and solar panels, the solar powered cell phone works basically with the solar panels generating power source from light including indoors or even by candle light, the battery life is about 2 and half times longer than it would be without the panels plus only an hour of sunlight will give you an extra 40 minutes of talk time.

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Source — HTW China via Engadget Mobile


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