iPhone is getting more Google Applications as well as Maps

The iPhone is getting Google applications such as documents, Calendar, Notebook and Gmail plus much more, yes including Google Maps. iPhone is a much talked about phone at the moment and with the release date only 3 days away yes 3 DAY TO GO (Sorry UK has to wait till the end of the year). Eric Schmidt is who is a Google SEO is a major fan of Apple and pitches the iPhone when has a chance and time to the board of directors. When you get the Apple iPhone soon as you pull it out of the box Google Maps will be there on the ROM all ready to use. Ajax is on the specification sheet as well.

If you know more about anything to do with iPhone please do let us know.

Source – ZDNet


2 thoughts on “iPhone is getting more Google Applications as well as Maps”

  1. Yes, I have some hypothesis but would love GPS unit inside iPhone. Now, that would be troublemaker.

    Where did you get above screenshot ?

    The screen in the middle shows something interesting…

  2. Jeff says:

    Well I’ve had Google Maps on my PocketPC with a 4″ high resolution screen for a while now. Oh yeah, I also have a BT GPS unit, Pharos Maps and all the USGS topo maps for NY and PA on it so it is already way more useful as a navigation aide than the Iphone will ever be. I can take CF and SD cards right out of cameras and view and edit the photos without having to go to any computer to upload the images to my device, I can put them on the web using the same PocketPC, all without having to return to a computer elseware. Yes, I need to have a wireless connection but those are very easy to find, even in rural areas. So what is the big deal?

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