Nokia 7500 Exclusive Picture: Damn this is HOT

We showed you the Nokia 7900 but what about this one, the Nokia 7500 damn this is a fine looking phone and we want one now. Nokia when you decide to put this into production if you ever that is, please send us one and we will review it to high heaven for you. There are no official specifications or prices or well blooming anything yet but what we do know is that the picture shown here looks bloody good. The design looks brilliant and yes some will not agree with us but who cares we know about phones and this is a PHONE.

Nokia 7500 Exclusive Picture

Care to argue the point, come on lets have some fun.

Source — Official Picture


7 thoughts on “Nokia 7500 Exclusive Picture: Damn this is HOT”

  1. [xx...Georgia__** says:

    This phone is amazing! I want it for my Birthday which is in 5 days time. When will this moblie come out in england. If not in time where can i get it ???

  2. Tina says:

    I just got this phone for my birthday yesterday and it is amazing. A little confusing but thats only because it has so many features and you can do somuch with it its a must have

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