Stun Gun Update: 800,000 volt shock mobile cell phone

Remember way back in March this year when we did a story called should they make mobile phones with built in stun gun? Well we have more for you. This is the all new Stun Gun Update. This new mobile phone or cell phone as they call it is a design that has an 800,000 volt shock mechanism and a 100dB high pitch tone alarm, oh and it also has a very bright LED torch built in.

Mobile phone stun gun pic 2

The only downside to this phone is that it is not a fully functional phone and in that I mean it is NOT a phone (lol), it is a mere disguise to shock an attacker and trust me when you stuff someone with a 800,000 volt shock you really will not need to call for help.

Mobile phone stun gun pic 1

Is this a good gadget to have?

Visit Stunster for more information.

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