LG KU990 Viewty is pretty good after review: We have the specifications

The brand new LG KU990 Viewty is very much loved after review and would have to say one of LG’s finest and sexiest mobile phone handsets to date if you ask me. If you do not believe me then please do visit CNET UK and their 5 page write up review because they as well as we know what they are talking about. The Nokia N95 is a well rounded phone and must say that the LG KU990 is very much in comparison to that, the only difference is that the LG is better than the Nokia in my eyes because it looks so much better than the N95.

Full hands on review links below –

LG KU990 Viewty

Look at the specs below and please do click the CNET UK link above to get a full rundown on their review, but as a valued reader to Phones Review please DO come back and post all your much loved comments in our comments area below it would be much appreciated for us and out hundreds and thousands of readers.

LG KU990 Viewty front

LG KU990 Viewty specifications —
– HSDPA / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
– MP3 & Polyphonic (40 channels) Ringtones
– 3 Inch TFT touchscreen with 256K colors, 240 x 400 pixels and Flash UI
– Vibration
– Photocall
– 40 received, 40 dialed and 40 missed calls (Call records)
– 100 MB built in memory with microSD (TransFlash) card slot
– 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
– GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
– Bluetooth v1.2 with A2DP
– USB v2.0

LG KU990 Viewty back

– EMS, SMS, MMS & Email Messaging
– WAP 2.0/xHTML Browser
– 5.1 megapixel camera with 2592Ñ…1944 pixels, autofocus plus video(VGA 30fps, QVGA up to 120fps), secondary VGA videocall camera & strobe flash
– Java MIDP 2.0
– FM radio, Voice memo, Built-in handsfree & Organiser
– MP3, WMV, MPEG4, AAC & DivX music player
– 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8 mm
– 112 grams

These may be a downside to you — No Infrared port — No HSCSD — No WLAN

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27 thoughts on “LG KU990 Viewty is pretty good after review: We have the specifications”

  1. Chris says:

    I had a look at on in a shop today and i must say im impressed, however the only thing that bothered me was that the scroll bar was impossible to use, even with the stylus that comes with the phone! has anyone else had this problem??

  2. 01909721214 says:

    got one of these great for photos & videos cant seem to find anyone selling dedicated accessories in particular a tv out cable for showing photos on tv.anyone know where i can buy one?

  3. Tom says:

    Chris, you can use the camera focus wheel on the back to scroll, unless its for use on the internet, and then it just zooms in.

  4. jane says:

    has anyone any idea what the password is to connect to another phone via bluetooth , I subscribe to orange and even they dont know have tried the usual 0000 1111 4321 and the last 4 digits of my phone no HELP ANYONE

  5. Martin says:

    9 out of 10… A great phone, but there’s a few niggles which stops it from being 100%. 1st, there’s no lens cover, which for a camera phone with such good specs is carzy, potentially great pics ruined by a finger print or scratch. 2nd, you can’t delete or move multiple items, its one at a time, or all of them. 3rd its a bit lacking of some features, (my Samsung D900 was better equipped) although most of the missing features aren’t that important.
    The plus side… the touch screen is one of the best I’ve used and the screen is a really useful size, battery life is OK, the media features, radio, MP3/4 player, web browser, cameras are fantastic!!! Messaging/emailing is really easy with either handwriting recognition, qwerty or standard phone style keypads.
    All in all, Would I recommend it?… YES.
    If you like something a little different to everyone else… Get one. There is no ther phone currently available I’d rather have got.
    (Cost £5 on an upgrade with Orange).

  6. scott wallis says:

    in answer to Martin. i’ve had this for a week or so now and agree its ‘nearly’ there. The lens is covered by a glass pane so a wipe should be fine, but i feel its location just asks for a finger to sit on it (leaving grease) in normal use. to move multiple items, say from phone to memory card, you can click mark > then just tap the items you wish to move(it puts a tick by each item selected) > then choose destination folder. ive noticed a lack of stopwatch/countdown – niggle but useful on occasion. duel clock is useful for me as i have relatives in aus (although Perth not listed -Seoul instead!).
    i have been tralling the net trying to find the tv out cable that LG list as an ‘option’. traditionally i though options were available!
    i was worried that its divx support would exclude the very popular xvid codec, but i’m please to say on my first test it played back just fine.

  7. Trevor says:

    bought this phone a few days back & it is awesome! great camera and huge screen! for those of u like me who are into playing movies on the phone, the LG SUITE software comes with DIVX convertor and I’ve converted my first .avi movie into DIVX and it plays fine 🙂 if u want a phone w/ a great camera, plays movies, mp3s & a huge screen w/ out paying outta your @ss for the iPhone then this is the one guys! i’ve heard a lot of bad things abt LG things but I’ve only ever used LG phones & never had a prob w/ them

  8. dan says:

    jane you just make up any password whenever you want to send something, as long as the other person types the same thing in your good to go!! unless ive misunderstood u :-/

  9. richard says:

    just got this phone , but unsure of it , had a sony k850i before this one and you could put pictures into seperate folders but cant seem to on this , unless ive missed something, also you can get a pic to come up when someone calls you but not when they text , no a major problem but a bit of a pain i give it 6/10

  10. paul palba says:


  11. andy says:

    nice phone i really can’t wait til my contract upgrade date when i cen finally get my hands on it. in responce to paul above when shooting at 120fps the spped the video is captured means that not as much light gets through the lens. it’s not any kind of fault with the phone it’s just what happens when you shoot at that kind of spped. the only thing you can really do is shoot in really well lit areas or try to lighten the video on a computer with some editing softwear! i honestly can’t wait to get me mits on this phone the camera the look and the web browsing sell it for me but the idea of seeing all my friends messing about in slow motion is a very appealing extra! i simply can’t wait the 3 weeks until i can upgrade!

  12. Amy Grieves says:

    I just got this phone and I love it.

    The Camera is fantastic and the touchscreen works like a dream.

    I found tons of content, games and wallpapers on the site http://www.ku990.co.uk , they also have a very active forum which has helped me get over any small teething troubles.

    There is news of a firmware update early next year to sort any of the small bugs making it a great iphone competitor.

  13. Daniel says:

    I am looking to buy this phone KU990. Can any one help me with these questions:
    1) If someone sends a text message to this phone, does the entire message appear on the screen or the phone simply alert you that you have a text message? 2)Looking for name in contact list: if I type D, A to look for Daniel, will a list of all names start with DA appear? or when I type D then A, the list will change to a new list of names start with letter A? Thank you in advance.

  14. jeff says:

    I have this phone so i know what im chatting about, not only that but im not some geek that will penalise the insignificant minors, this being the case the LG Viewty has replaced a beloved Sony erricson, and it is amazing, im the envy of all my mates. Some of the main reasons for this is
    -Camera is top notch, with loads of editing tools and settings to suit enviroment. 5*’s
    -Video is the NUTS! videod a mate being tripped up in 120 frames per second is comically priceless say the least
    -The touch screen is responsive, bright and the design in general is the best around at the moment!
    -I got a 2gb (max) microSD memory card for a TENNER!! comes with a DivX converter so i currently have 5 episodes of family guy AND a full length film, not even half the memory in use!

    These being the main upsides, there area some arugable negatives, those being, (trying not to be such a nerd) the front touch panel itself peeled off at one corner ever so slightly, no shutter for camera (personally this does not bother me) and depending on what network your on (im on o2) the internet (identical to iPhone) will cost a bundle

    Well hope you liked my brief but honest opinions of the viewty, reply if this was helpful.

    PS. The iPhone is overated!

  15. Flick says:

    Thank you all for your reviews/comments so far! 😀 I was a bit worried about battery life and some other aspects of the LG, but knowing that people are happy with the LG in most aspects means I’m pretty much sold on the phone! 🙂

  16. ben says:

    cant u guys belive i have been waiting 4 over a week to get the LG u990 from the local 3g in my area & they are not even sure when the are getting it

  17. Danny says:

    Also, when taking a picture and setting it as background, does the picture fill the screen.

  18. Drum26 says:

    My daughter has one of these phones and recently it has started making a popping noise then smells of burning ???????

    Has anyone else had this problem as CarPhone warehouse are not doing anything about it.

  19. Rob says:

    A bloody fantastic phone if i dare say so myself but a few drawbacks unfortunately like it has a low battery life…….so if you get alot of calls or texts then it might last the whole day but taking pics and recording/watching video’s will barely make it last 5 hours which is a major drawback so bring a spare battery/charger or a spare back up phone lol.

    The camera is sublime and with the addition of the 120fps slow-mo recording which is excellent for watching them funny slips and trips and putting them onto youtube for your mates and the unlucky star of the video to watch over and over again.

    Just 3 things that bother me quite badly….The no show of the mysterious tv out cable, you cant upgrade your micro sd to anything over 2gb which is bad for hardcore video recordists and wannabe photographers….even for the working class to watch a film on the bus to and from work and the third is NO WI-FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a phone as awesome as this not adding WI-FI is like buying a ferrari and only getting the wheels…….WI-FI with a screen like this would be utterly amazing so LG best get a software/firmware upgrade on the net to either make that possible or to a free upgrade to make it WI-FI compatible before they find their beloved viewty’s on their door step and their EX-customers walking around with the Nokia N96.

    Thanks for reading people and for any potential buyers of the viewty……. It’s a fantastic phone just dont expect much in WI-FI or expandable memory or battery life.

    1. Spydabytes says:

      1. I have instructions and photos of how to convert the standard headset that comes with the viewty into a tv out cable. It maintains it's ability to use earphones while outputting to the tv. if you have a soldering iron, solder, and a few other bits and pieces laying round the house… it works out to be free…
      2. I totally agree about the lack of wifi… but I don't think it is as simple as a firmware update… there is no wifi hardware in the phone. So don't get your hopes up about a firmware update solving the no-wifi problem.
      3. There is a work around for the memory card. The problem with the Viewty is that it is only capable of displaying no more than 2GB of free space… With that in mind, format a larger memory card in a computer (because the viewty will format it to 2GB) then fill the memory card with vids, pics, film clips, ones and zeros, to the point that it only displays 2GB or less free on the memory card, then put it back into your viewty and you may only be able to utilize 2GB of space for viewty vids and pics but all your other favorite crap is already on there…
      4. and finally about the battery… if you go into options and adjust the screen brightness to the lowest setting (not blank), then use a simple (non-flash) theme, don't use vibrate when you have the phone in general profile, turn off touch beeps (but leave the touch vibe on), then you effectively will double the 'out-of-the-box' battery life of the phone…

      once again… I dislike the Viewty more than I dislike rubbing powdered bleach in my eyes while chewing aluminium foil… but if you are stuck with this phone on a contract or simply stole it from a nightclub thinking it was a HTC or ANDROID phone only to relise that when you got it home and took it out of your pocket that it was in fact the LG spewty… i mean Viewty… then you might as well use it until you eventually are forced to go into an air conditioned room which would of course void it's warranty. (I guess I should have left the phone on the front steps when I had the air conditioner on…)

  20. Mel says:

    i’ve had my LG Viewty for 13months now, but recently heard random popping noises coming from it. Dunno what’s happening, but it sounds like a spark is going off somewhere. There’s no spark going off, just a sound.
    It’s a good phone for the first few months – after a while it’s seems to go downhill. Wouldn’t recommend LG Veiwty/KU990

  21. Spydabytes says:

    Have had my Viewty for 22 months now… phone is crap!. no wifi, no gps. has been making that popping noise since the first 3 months. had phone sent away to assess what was wrong and they claimed 'water damage' (just like nokia does)… I contested their claim that it had been damaged by water and their response was that being in 'air conditioning' is enough to cause condensation which results in water damage… needless to say this is a ridiculous claim. 2 months till my contract is finished and have my targets set on the blackberry storm 2… conclusion – LG is overpriced for equipment that fails under such simple conditions as an air conditioned room…