Sharp Sidekick LX Oct 24th & Sidekick Slide Nov 7th Announced by T-Mobile

Oh yes T-Mobile have just announced 2 new Sidekicks which are the Sharp Sidekick LX and the Sharp Sidekick Slide, just to give you a little taster these babies have configurable mood lighting and 128MB bundled microSD memory plus 1.3 megapixel camera with flash. The Sidekick Slide is a great hip top device which comes from Motorola which is the first to get rid of the trademark swivel display and of which has gone on some major diet plan.

The Sidekick LX main specs are listed below and of which will be out on October 24th in either espresso brown or midnight blue and the Sidekick Slide kicks of 2 weeks later on November 24th in either deep purple or black. The Sidekick LX will set you back $299 and the Sidekick Slide for $199.

t-mobile sidekick lx and slide pic 3


sidekick lx slide official

Sharp Sidekick LX main specs –
– GSM 850/900/1800/1900
– 3 inch LCD (Color TFT/TFD) Display with 65,536 (16-bit) colours & 400 x 240 pixels Resolution
– 200 MHz OMAP 331 Processor
– 64 MB Memory plus Memory Card Slot is a microSD (TransFlash) which supports cards up to 4 GB
– Phone Book Capacity up to 2000
– Flashlight – shortcut lights up screen all-white
– Polyphonic Ringtones & Ringer Profiles
– Vibrate
– Bluetooth version 2.0 Supported Profiles: HFP, OPP (vCard only)
– PC Sync
– USB 1.1
– Picture ID & Ringer ID
– Custom Graphics & Custom Ringtones
– Flight Mode
– Full HTML WAP & Web Browser
– Predictive Text Entry
– QWERTY Keyboard
– POP3, IMAP4 Email Client
– push email
– 12 Text Messaging
– 3.5mm Headphone Jack
– MP3, AAC, WMA Music Player
– 1.3 megapixel camera
– Alarm via repeating calendar alert only
– Calendar
– To-Do List
– Games
– Java MIDP 2.0
– Full-Duplex Speaker Phone
– 96 hours Standby
– 6.8 hours talk time
– 130 x 60 x 17.9 mm
– 162 grams

Will you be buying one?


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75 thoughts on “Sharp Sidekick LX Oct 24th & Sidekick Slide Nov 7th Announced by T-Mobile”

    1. joshua says:

      you can go to craigslist where ever your city is and they have all kins for cheap prices just call them if they have a number are email them go under cellphone catigorie. then start looking have fun. Im geting one thursday Im so happy

  1. mememe says:

    I am soo desparate to get the side kick lx… but i’m in the uk and wondering if they’ll be network coverage or if tis worth it at all#?

  2. Amanda says:

    Iamgoing to get the side kick slide pretty soon and i want to know what are Mega tones and how do I get them.

  3. April says:

    hi i want to now were you can get the lx in the uk can anyone tell me ? PLEASE!!! 🙂

  4. Gabby says:

    I love love my sidekick lx its so amazing i got the blue one and everybody should definetly go for the internet access

    1. Alyce says:

      did u get yours from ebay… ?? and r u in the Uk …… ?? AS I really want 1 and i dunno if it is worth me getting it…

  5. GAbby says:

    No you got to pay a monthly fee for it just like regular internet but you can get on just about any website but you cant see videos or listen to music

  6. shawty says:

    i want to but the sidekick lx for my birthday, 23rd april 2008 and i was wondering if anyone could tell me where to buy it from?

    im from the uk and i really want it in time for my birthday. ive looked and http://www.ebay.co.uk and checked the t-mobile site.

    if you have got one or no where to find one, PLEASE tell me.

    contact me on jordanlp@rocketship.com
    ^^^^ its a real email address by the way.

    Jordan 🙂

  7. T-mobile customer says:

    The sidekick lx is nice actually im on it now!.its just like your on a “to-go” computer/laptop but sleek and smaller.the only thing I don’t like about it is that you can’t listen to music on the websites but you can dowload your own music on it like an ipod(sorta)…its wonderful,especially if your a “buisness” person or a teen who uses their phone a lot and loves the internet.they would never leave their phone alone..and that’s a PROMISE!!

  8. CrAiG* says:

    i am also from the uk and i am desperate to get a sk lx.

    i was wondering if you can buy them off ebay.COM where the currency is dollars using a GBP paypall account?


  9. Loo - x says:

    hi i was wondering, has the sidekick lx actually been launched in the uk yet because i was on the t-mobile uk website and could only find sidekick slide. I’m not keen on buying from ebay so any help would be appreciated.

  10. Loo - x says:

    oh and also can anybody tell me what like is the camera and picture quality??

  11. daniel says:

    does anyone know if i get this thing in austria except at ebay?

    thnx and greetz

  12. Rees says:

    I’m in the uk I want a sidekick lx with gsm technology and it blue (the gsm so it can be pay as you go) but i really want it with no contract please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. peyton says:

    imy friend has the sidekick and hers dosnt have picture quality on it are all cameras on the sidekick small?

  14. sonia says:

    Umm. Can u change the font color on the sidekick lx? Cuz I have one but idk if u can do that?
    And can u send music or set ur ringtone into ur own music?

    Plz answer thnx lotz

  15. leonie says:

    hi i really want the sidekick LX
    but im in the UK and dont know where to get it from
    iv tried ebay but its a load of bull
    i dont care if its on pay as you go or contract
    please please help xx

  16. jessie baybie says:

    Hey everyone! I have a sk lx in blue im using it right now 2 write this!! Im a teen & I looove it! I’m never off it..lol. U should definetley buy it =)

  17. sarah, says:

    heeey, i was wondeirng if the sidekick lx is avablive or going to be avalible in the uk, or if you buy one from the us, and unlock it and put in your own sim card will it work? but i dnt wnt ebay bcoz its a load of crap, please please please help lol, xoxo

  18. mr XL says:

    I from nigeria i need sidekick son wedding gift I have 10,000 cows for trade. email me

  19. Lisa says:

    Hey does anyone want to buy a sidekick slide? I have a brand new one for sale they are really cool phones I got one already but also have an unwanted upgrade! Please email me if you want details I need a quick sale please!!!!!!



  20. Debbie says:

    I know i sound like everyone else but i really do want an LX. Have searched everywhere n only ebay have them but i dont want to trust ebay with something costing so much. I in the uk. Does anyone know where i can buy 1. My ideal situation wud be being able to find an LX that is unlocked and will work on an O2 sim as thats what i have. Although i am willing to swap to t-mobile. Does anyone have any idea of how to get hold of one? Are they even around stil over here? I hope so. Any help wud be much appreciated. X

  21. jowinn says:

    ZOMG i loooooooove these phones
    my mom wont let me buy one tho….cause i got a iphone but it scwred up and died so i really want a new one…..
    any ideas on how to convince her?
    ive tried EVERYTHING!

  22. Maj says:

    i really really want a lx, can anyone tell me if its goona be released in the uk?? i dont mind buying it from somewhere else and getting it unlockd, but will it still work??

  23. miranda says:

    i want a lx soooooooooooooooo bad but the last phone i had i broke it by dropping it outside hopefully i can trick my mom into buying me one

  24. summer says:

    hi i am looking for the idekick LX because wen i go to florida next year i would lke to get one can i buy or doe it need to be a contract ??

  25. Docs says:

    Are you from the UK summer? because a US sidekick will only be able to text and make calls in the UK, it wont even be able to store contacts because of the way it works unfortunately. 🙁

  26. Lox3n says:

    I know someone that can get me one from the states will it work here if i unlocked i and use a 3mobile contract sim ?

  27. Bryonii' x says:

    I want a sidekick for christmas,, will it be out on o2 buy december because o2 is the only that works near me ?


  28. dt says:

    I really want the new sidekick but I can’t find it anywhere in the uk? does anyone know when it comes out or if the american ones work in th uk???

  29. carla says:

    I live in Wigan and wan’t this so bad but where is the closest place to me where i can get it?

  30. fahima says:

    im from leicester uk, i bought a sidekick lx in america last summer… i got it unlocked to the uk tmobile, i mean its the same damn company like i dun see why my internet isnt working. does anyone why or how i can get this problem fixed cuz its pretty annoyin

  31. ehstrsghw says:

    I really want an Lx, theyre down to 99 dollars now, also can you hear anything on a sidekick? I go to a lot of parties and need to hear well.

  32. Emily says:

    Hi guys… I’m from South Africa and i’m making my to the UK soon… Have like no technological knoweledge haha so was wondering if you can get Sidekicks in the UK and if so where from and will they work in S.A??? 🙂

  33. leire says:

    fatima,how much did they charge you to unlocked? is it in actual Tmobile store

  34. katie says:

    I want a sidekick lx in prepaid soo much but how much will the phone cost, with out a plan! Can anyone helpp!

  35. NATALIE says:

    Hi I want a sidekick slide but Im not sure how much they cost in england and not very sure where you can buy one Im very confused help me please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. christo says:

    hi im living in south-afrika and wants too know how i can get hol of the sidekick lx 2009??plz help me tx

  37. Luke says:

    Hey guys! I am in the uk! and I really want a sidekick lx phone, are they on sale in the uk and how much are they? can you get like loads of different colours? thanks x <3

  38. Luke says:

    yeah…continued! I would really appreciate it if someone actually wrote back to my comment because I need this phone soo bad thank you! x <3

  39. Hats says:

    Hey, does anyone know where to get a Sidekick LX? Im in the UK and desperate to have one! Pllleeease help! 🙂 x

  40. Jadee says:

    heyy peopllee I lvie in UK after a Sidekick LX desperraatee want one soo bad


    send me an email or sumt if u no spadepalomino@hotmail.com

  41. Annie says:

    I have 2 used sidekick slides and 1 limited edition Diane Von furstenberg sidekick 3. Anyone interested? decent offers accepted…write back…A x (slides are UK originals – DVF is from USA. Good cond.)

  42. taylor says:

    i really want this phone, are they selling it in the uk? can someone please reply.

  43. Kitty says:

    Why does no-one anwser anyone of here. I want a sidekick but no on ecan be bothered to tell anyone!

  44. abi says:

    hi im in the uk to

    i NEED a sidekick lx pronto

    and why dose no one relpy on here

    i have been trying to get hold of one for months now and will be willing to play anything up to £ 170

    can someone post a website or sumthing plz plzplz

    thank you!!!

  45. Christelle says:

    I live in South Africa and would like to know if this phone is available in South Africa?

    Please I need to upgrade my phone soon and I’d like to get this one!!!

    Thanks <3

  46. charlene says:

    anyone know if an unlocked sidekick lx would work is australia? over here we have hiptop slide which looks like that sidekick slide thing.. like identical haha.

  47. Jen says:


    EBAY!! (And random people selling their old ones)

    Ebay is the only place you can get them in this country. Its tough luck im afraid, T-Mobile DO NOT sell these officially in the UK. You can only get a Sidekick LX from Ebay, like I did 🙂 Hope that clears it up.

  48. cck says:

    heey , i am belgian and i would like to buy to me this gsm but i do not know where.
    Somebody know or to buy him?

  49. Nina says:

    Hi I just moved to America and I was wondering can I find a sidekick lx 2009 in a t-mobile store and how much does it coast?!?! HELPpp plzzzz I want it sooooo bad !!!!!

  50. Marie says:

    hi! i live in Belgium and i'm wondering if I buy one on e-bay from USA which was unlocked … will the sidekick work in Belgium?

  51. Georghia says:

    Hey all you UK people. I just bought the sidekick lx 2009 carbon unlocked from eBay seller is 99.9% positive and has an excellent rep so I recommend seller1on1. It will work in the UK but on SMS and calls only luckily I have an iPhone so I just need the sidekick as a backup phone as the signal on my iPhone is playing up badly. So get on eBay make sure you get it from seller1on1 and it’s £71.75 for the phone and postage! Good luck I hope when mine gets here itl be good 🙂 oh a d there’s a chance you can get a web and walk contract to deactivate your Internet as long as the phone is UNLOCKED. x

    1. Kate says:

      Hey, Do you think it will work on vodafone sim card? I am thinking of getting it off ebay like you, it is unlocked. I live in the UK btw. I don't care if it doesn't have the internet, just aslong it will txt and make calls, but i heard that it loses contacts, txts, phtos etc, once you've switched the phone off, is this true? Have you had any problems with it so far?