The all new Sony Ericsson K850i 5 MP phone: Pre-order yours now and get it first with O2 network

Pre-order you’re all new Sony Ericsson K850i blue or green phone right now right here, this is a great opportunity to book yours now for one reason and one reason only, these will sell fast and we mean fast. This Sony Ericsson Cybershot branded phone has a pretty cool 5 MP camera which will capture high quality images, there is also auto-focus and bright xenon flash, image stabilizer, BestPic and red-eye reduction. The cool thing about this phone is not only the looks but it can also take nine shots in quick succession and many more features to make you want one.

Ok so we get the point, it is a great camera phone but not only that it is also a great music phone offering stereo Bluetooth compatibility and an expandable memory plus email software and RSS reader and oh yes real web browser.

Right enough is enough throw away your digital camera and MP3 they are boring, all you need is this one and only Sony Ericsson K850i mobile phone and that’s it.

Pre-Order Sony Ericsson K850i Blue

Pre-Order Sony Ericsson K850i Blue

Pre-Order Sony Ericsson K850i Green

Pre-Order Sony Ericsson K850i Green


4 thoughts on “The all new Sony Ericsson K850i 5 MP phone: Pre-order yours now and get it first with O2 network”

  1. Sam says:

    This Phone is amazing, I work for a phone store and all the staff have agreed when we had a go on it. The camera is of such good quality. The games are pretty cool too, the marble is the best though… When you tip the phone the marble moves around the scren accordingly. I’m going to get one and i reccommend you do too!

  2. James says:

    I’ve just trialed 5 new phones and sent them all back Samsung u700, Nokia N95 etc. But the k850i i kept with. I have one little gripe the buttons take getting used to in time but other than that the phone is responsive funky looking good screen, good sound and the photo quality is brilliant ON A PHONE!.
    So take it from me trying the latest phones i stuck with the K850i Brilliant! Also reliable.

  3. rowland says:

    has 5mp camera .clear voice
    this phone is an amazing phone you need to get it if what matters to you is an 100% communication , entertainments and class then you go for it .i have already bought mine and i am enjoying i have some for sale too so get back to me if you are intrested in buying.

  4. vosblod says:

    Had the phone about ten days now – upgraded from a K800i. Before I review it I should mention I have one niggle which I will leave till the end as it is so minor; I got into Sony as opposed to Nokia via my girlfriend as I love the software. I bought this phone purely as I loved the K800 and wanted to ditch my digital camera – and I have not been disappointed – 5 megapixels and always on hand so bye bye camera. My worry was I’d lose my favourite little extra’s, the ‘light on for one minute’ and ‘record’ via a quick shortcut – they don’t tell you if it’s still there in the promotional stuff – and lo and behold there it is. Plus you get 5 alarms instead of two… My old phone plus some. Get a 4 gigabyte memory card for £30 and you have a brilliant phone/camera/MP3 player. So I would say BUY this phone.
    Finally, my only little niggle (hence my lower design rating) – the new keypad round the number thing. You will have to learn the skill of not pressing the middle touchscreen key when you select the up button. It is tricky but I got used to it… I guess it is worth it for a bigger screen but it takes practice, or maybe my thumb is to big?

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