HTC Dual Touch will use 16 key versions not QWERTY 20: Orange confirms UK release

Orange have just confirmed that all the HTC Touch Dual mobile phones will be the 16 numeric key versions and NOT the qwerty 20 key version, we have done a post on the HTC Dual Touch qwerty 20 key version (LINK) so just so you know “it is not that one” a clearer picture below shows you the one that will be released by Orange.

HTC Dual Touch 16 key

We know for a fact that there are some amazing powerful phones coming our way soon, will this HTC Dual Touch be a great contender on the mobile phone circuit? Who knows? Many people will be disappointed with the fact that this phone will come to the UK only to show that it is the 16 key versions and not the beloved QWERTY flavour.

Do you really care what type you will get?



2 thoughts on “HTC Dual Touch will use 16 key versions not QWERTY 20: Orange confirms UK release”

  1. Jerry says:

    I own this phone. I live in Colorado (US). Using AT&T the phone works fine. Although I have had to “reboot” the phone every single day since I got it. Clearly something is wrong. A friend has a similar story. The phone seems a little fragile to me, too. The flashy interface is neat, but not flexible enough to be useful to me. The Voice Commander is completely useless; operating it causes the phone’s microsphone to stop working without a restart. Redialing too fast causes the phone to freeze for about two minutes. The phone is too expensive for this level of pain.

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