Motorola H375 & H680 Bluetooth headsets: Something your ears will just love

Now when it comes to music Bluetooth headsets have to be quality and of course durable in all weathers and most important good sound & comfortable, so are these new Motorola H375 & H680 Bluetooth headsets the ones for you? They could be indeed.

Motorola’s latest pair of Bluetooth headsets are the H375 & H680 which are simple and elegant and with MOTO adding a cool feature called “TrueComfort” will really help the ears out somewhat.

Motorola H375 & H680 Bluetooth headsets

This system TrueComfort gives you the ultimate contact between the ear canal and ear bud, what does this mean? Well it basically means you will get a much better sound and that you can wear these headsets for longer periods without getting that uncomfortable feeling.

There is a special model designed for you ladies that features a frosted design and even comes with a carrying case. The Motorola H375 headset has been labeled has one of the most perfect headsets for first time Bluetooth headset users and this is down to the simple user-ability and colour coded power meter. The Motorola H680 headset on the other hand is the higher end headset which features a special model which is as said above designed for you ladies.

Both of these Motorola headsets are now available for $40 and $80. Source — Press Release

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