Skype phone update: video proves it is real – Now do you believe?

For all of you people out there that did not believe the Skype phone exists well here you go something to prove it is. Below you will see a brilliant video showing the phone of in all its glory.

At first we thought that the Skype phone was not real but then with the review we did on the 3Skypephone and now this video we sit back in awe and say “yes we believe”.

On a personal note from myself, we will buy one of these when they come out which is apparently November the 2nd (view here) because we use Skype and Google Talk to contact many people, we will like it? Well that is another question which we will update you on.

Please to all those who are going to sell this phone or to you Skype direct send us one of these phones so we can review it in depth (great free advertising for you).

Anyway — Please watch the Skype phone video below

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