3 Skypephone hands on review part 1: WP-S1 Out of the box

Let us start first before letting you all know about this new mobile phone called the 3 Skypephone WP-S1 by saying a big thanks to the guys from 3mobilebuzz.com – they kindly sent Phones Review two of these phones for us to try out on a 3 month trial basis. The two phones they sent us are on the pay as you go setup and we will be doing a few hands on reviews in parts, today is the 3 Skypephone WP-S1 hands on review part 1: Out of the box — do not forget we will be doing more parts to this review such as how it feels, to usability and maybe some more.

Right lets start shall we, these two 3 Skypephone’s got delivered to us in just 1 day which was a surprise to us to start with but hey we are not arguing so thumbs up there, when we got the package which you can see in the picture below we opened it and it revealed two smallish 3 (Three) boxes containing the 3 Skypephone mobile model WP-S1 in each of them, for now we have just opened one.

In the box contained the 3 Skypephone, 1150mAh Battery & cover, Personal stereo hands free kit headphones, USB cable, Charger, CD—ROM for PC sync, 256MB micro SD memory card which is already in the phone (no adapter for it though), 3 (Three) user guide and last but not least a Quick start guide for Skype.

Did the word SKYPE just get mentioned? Of course it did this is a mobile phone that basis itself not as a normal mobile phone but also a Skype phone, below we have taken a number of pictures of all angles and what you would get in the box (make your judgments in the comments area).

3 Skypephone Lowdown — This is without a doubt a very cool phone and for the price of only wait for it, only a mere £49.99 on PAYG and of course you can get this on contract if you please. This is the first fully integrated mobile phone that uses Skype, come on you run out of credit so you just use your Skype to contact your Skype friends totally free by either chat calls or messaging. Oh yeah talk for free with 3 (no pun intended).

I have personally used this mobile phone for about 3 hours now and so far pretty impressed, I will be personally using this phone for the next 2 months and of which will be giving you the lowdown how I personally feel about it.

For the time being please do go and visit our friends over at 3mobilebuzz.com who have plenty of information to wet the whistle plus links of where you can buy the so far pretty cool 3 Skypephone WP-S1 mobile phone. PLEASE check out the photos we took below let us know what you think of the styling/looks.

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3 Skypephone WP-S1 Personal Photos –

3skypephone main postage package

3skypephone the box

3skypephone the box times two

3skypephone in the box

3skypephone in the box again

3skypephone front

3skypephone front angle

3skypephone on its side

3skypephone side view 1

3skypephone naked

3skypephone books - cd

3skypephone charger

3skypephone fingerprints

3skypephone headphones pic 1

3skypephone keypad

3skypephone payg package

3skypephone showing skype

3skypephone up close and personal

usb cable

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109 thoughts on “3 Skypephone hands on review part 1: WP-S1 Out of the box”

  1. Phyll Moore says:

    Two things about this phone –
    1) Free Skpe? No! To use Skype you have to top up £10 a month on PAYG. I put my old sim in with money on it but cannot register for Skype without topping this up.
    2) Text entry. It has a predictive text mode but it only tries to predict the word. So “you” comes out as “xou” and there is no selection process as on all other phones I have used so you have to erase it and go to abc input to change it. Can you tell me what is the point of having predictive text at all?

  2. Simon says:

    Response to Phyll Moore:

    ref point 1. Are you seriously expecting to get something for nothing from a commercial business? I think the skype option is a great way to supplement what is an already excellent deal from 3. I like the handset and the purchase price is very reasonable for a well spec’ed phone, paying £10 every 30 days is cheap for 4000 skype minutes and 10,000 IM messages (which are all on a fair use policy anyway!!)

    ref point 2. Read the manual, to scroll through predictive text options you have to use the * key.

  3. Bernard Leak says:

    Thanks for pointing out the use of ‘*’ in predictive text modes.
    Still, where was I supposed to read about it in the manual?
    All the details I could find on the different text entry
    methods are in section 1.3, which doesn’t mention this
    use of the ‘*’ key at all. Are you sure you got it from
    the manual, rather than remembering it from some other
    and more helpful set of instructions?

  4. Simon says:

    Features I love:

    1)Skype Obviously

    2) The fact that Skype contacts feature in the phone’s contact list as well as the skype contact list giving you the choice to use either method.

    3) Predictive text that prompts words you personally use regularly making texting so much easier.

    4) Skype IM Chat, which is not currently available on the other mobile versions of Skype.

    5) TV function, when I’m in strong range of a strong signal.

    BUGS I hate:

    1) Sometimes the unlock function does not work very well. On occasions I have found that I needed to press the ‘C’ Key or end call button to reset the lock before I could unlock the phone.

    2)Skype occasionally launches when the phone is locked for no reason.

    3) When you receive an incoming skype call it says it is from ‘Skype Service’ rather than the individuals name, although 3 telecom state on their website that this feature will be added soon.

    4) Sometimes despite refreshing the skype contacts list, contacts that I know are online and logged into skype do not appear as available on my contacts list.

    5) Camera too slow to take decent pictures of a daughter who won’t sit still long enough to pose properly! 😀

  5. Simon Bruce says:

    The reception on it is rubbish, the battery life is terrible (around 2 days) and no way to sync with the Mac as far as I can tell.

    The Skype is really, really cool though. I love the way that it is integrated right into the phone and especially with the contacts.

    A great prototype but it really is only that.

  6. I bought 2 phones from HK – one for the uk and 1 when I am away. One phone will find the uk 3 network but the other phone cannot find any networks. Any help greatly appreciated

  7. Boots says:

    I have a problem with Skype. Have a friend with a Skype address which contains symbols but it appears that I cannot enter any so I cannot make her a contact. Is this right?

  8. sam says:

    I don’t have an issue with my phone at all. The coverage is fine and I live on the coast. Skype works fine, planet 3 works fine, The camera is great, I’ve bought a 2GB memory card for it for well under £10 that also has an adaptor, I can easily get things on and off it on my mac (but the PC sync is for windows only) non the less with the cable and bluetooth I’ve got 100 odd mp3s on it now AND the battery is good- I charged it properly as stated in the manual before the first time I used it and wait till its dead to recharge now. All good 10/10. And on contract only 5,000 mins are free on skype- just so u know.

  9. Chee says:

    Hi does anyone know how to turn off the keypad beep sound, I couldn’t find out how in the manuel and I find it disturbing especially when I want to use it in quiet areas.

    Plus I’m confused how the video calling works, if the camera is on the back, how can you talk see some one and let them see you at the same time- I mean with the screen on one side and the camera on the other? I haven’t been able to try that out yet.

    And I agree with others it is abit disappointing that it doesn’t scync with Mac’s, I’m hoping that will be made available.

    1. Anna Dickeson says:

      to turn off the beep sound go into Menu ->Settings ->Profiles, then press Option and then Edit. Go down to Key Sounds and then down to Key Volume. There you can select to have the volume as Off.

  10. Mike says:

    I love this phone, no problems with it, only thing that bugs me is nowhere does it say what file types are compatible with it, so i have to convert videos over and over till i find a good file type thats compatible, so far only 3gp works which isnt to awesome as 3gp is lame. Other than that its sweet, i can stay in contact with all my friends abroad for £10 a month 🙂

  11. I was given the phone as a present for christmas,
    there are so many good features its amazing and its leaps and bounds beyond my old phone. It say’s
    on the software provide,”that it allows you to connect your pc to the internet using your WP-S1
    phone as a modem” thus far I have had no success
    in making a connection. With the the introduction
    of paygo broadband, I thought, it would be
    brilliant, Alan.

  12. Michael says:

    ‘Sam’… it only supports a 1Gb card!,

    anyone with half a brain would have known the * changed the word in texting,

    i got my one yesterday for £39.95 cant complain,

    Finally its a fone made by a sane person, no pointless voice activation that you will never use, solid feel and stylish design!! (mines is white and blue)

    Value 10/10

  13. Steve says:

    Bought this phone for 39.99. Looks like a bargain so far. Wanted a phone that doesn’t look like you’re carrying a video tape in your pocket! This seems ideal – its small and thin, but not too small.

    One thing I’m looking for is the keyboard lock!! Can’t find it at all, I know it goes to auto after about a min but is there a manual key lock on this? Apologies if this is obvious!

  14. Sawyl says:

    Steve: for manual keypad lock, just press the unlock combination in reverse – * followed by the left soft key. It took me a while to figure that out as well!

    For those wanting to unlock, you do realise that’ll render Skype useless, along with all the built-in 3 Planet things? The Skypephone’s great integration with the network and services are probably its best point.

    As for battery life, I wouldn’t call 2 days “terrible”. Ok, so it’s not great, or even good, but I doubt you can find another 3G phone that can go for much longer. Anyway, mine’s lasted 5 days so far with minimal usage, but if it lasts 2 days once I start some serious Skyping then I’ll be satisfied.

    Overall I’m pleasantly surprised. Lovely quick interface, easy-to-use and no nonsense. Let’s hope Skype keep up with the idea and maybe we’ll see improved Skypephones in the future.

  15. gavin says:

    hi i got the phone and think its good how you can use msn as well as skype but the phone only reeds my memory card when it feels like it the memory card is 2gb is that to big to work on the or what can someone help to find solution i need

  16. Dermot says:

    Brilliant phone have my now 3 months use to it call girlfriend through skype in England for free, I live in Ireland, also use it as modem pay as you go, modem and phone works in the UK also

  17. Sawyl says:

    Gavin: I don’t know about the maximum size, but this phone works a little different from others in that it doesn’t seem to keep checking the memory card automatically. Whenever you add any new files, select “Update” by using the left soft key in the “My stuff” folder.

    Hopefully by doing that you’ll see all the files, not just those which the phone found last time it accessed the card.

  18. alex says:

    ive had my phone for about a month and it was great but now when i switch it on i get the 3 logo and thats it it wont boot any more tried cleaning sim battery an memory card to no avail any1 have any ideas please ps does it have some sortof reset button

  19. pippabobby says:

    I just got it but the memory is really rubbish ere.
    It can tak about 20 pic and 5 songs nd one video ona ll phon nd memory card.
    Does anyone else find it that bad?

  20. grillman says:

    hi can anyone tell me if i can buy a broadband topup for this phone as it gives you the option to on planet 3. the 5 pound internet is great,but a little slow and not consistatant. overall, what a great phone for the price. i am one happy customer cheers grillman.

  21. Steve says:

    Have the same problem as Alec…. phone is great but has developed this repeating 3 logo message on boot… how do you get out of it? Is there a hard/soft reset? Please help. The phone is useless otherwise!

  22. Hi,

    i have my skypephone since 6 month, i acctually have 2 but the second was for my wife, but she want have a new one yet.

    I like this phone very much, not only because it´s cheap. It have all i need, java, memo internet, camera. It´s also easy to use, without having the manual in front of me. But i have to say, i hade many cellphones before, so i know how to get to things.

    Many people think they need many stuff inside a mobile, but they only call or send sms. They think it should be cheap, but should have all a computer have. That´s not possible!

    I bought my second for the price of 90 USD including shipping and 15 USD units on the prepaid card.

    The Skype function works only in your Country and with the provider 3 (so far). If you leave your country, skype don´t work. I know, coz i tried it.

    Many people have a problem of missunderstanding. They acctually don´t care what kind of cellphone they get. They always get angry coz they can´t do this or that.

    Many people don´t read the advertisment on the webside to the end and more less the right text.

    If you read the skype advertisment correct and to the end, you will be the real skypephone user. And you will stay with it for a very long time!

  23. Steve: did you try to fix it like this:

    Menue, settings, Phonesettings, Screen, Welcometext and shutdown?
    I´m not sure it is the right one… so just try.

    I´m not in need to fix my phone… like many other.

    God luck!

  24. pippabobby: Normally you can save much more on the memory card, depend on the size. I have a 1 GB and i´m not on the limit yet. The internal memory is only 16 MB, and for use only 11.5 MB. This is not much for pictures and/or music. Might be your memory card is demaged?

  25. Unlock skpyephone: Don´t think this is true!

    It´s not working with unlocking the 3 Skypephone. The only way is to call the 3 provider to get it unlocked!, Really no joke. Someone tellling you that you can doit like this guy, is just a fraud.

  26. gavin: Both working, skype and MSN, checking your files starts when you go to the folder. Like mine for example: I write many notes, when i shutdown my phone in the evening/night and start it next day, it seach not automaticlly when you start the phone, but when i start the program “Note” or however it´s called in english. My is in swedish language….

  27. alex: i´m not sure if i understand right, when you start the phone it hangs and then you cleaned all electric stuff? or might be also before?

    Did you do anything before with the electric stuff what is not good for it?

  28. Damien says:

    What kind did you get with the phone? My earphones are top notch. Great sound and the wire is very, very good. Doesn’t tangle up like normal, cheap wires usually do.

    Very good phone. For the price it really, really rocks. Very okay camera and the sound when playing mp3 is considerable over the average.
    I like this phone a lot. It’s small and robust.

    Phone has a few small things that annoy me. For instance, you can’t use a very long sms tune. The phone cuts it short. And you can only send small images trough mms. Also there seem to be a max limit to how big an sms can be.

    Grade: 8/10

  29. Helmut says:

    Bought this mobile in 2008 february when saw the commercial about it.

    I’m beyond satisfied with it. For this price it’s something i never expected to get. 2 MP Camera, images can get blur if not careful, overall i dont complain. awesome phone, i don’t need miniature PC, this phone is practical, it’s small…. hell, you can even use it as mp3 player on long trips.

    You need strong network coverage for this phone to browse internet, only needed on rare occasions.

    Can use MSN, calender can be practical. o well…

    Rate this 9/10

  30. Felipe says:

    Is it possible to download apps and games in the internet for this phone??? I can’t find anything for this model, do you know if I can download for some other phone and it will work???

  31. Damien says:

    some java games will work of course. You can look for java games made for Nokia 6630 for instance.
    Otherwise, find out what operative system it uses and search for games made for that or similar systems.

  32. pippabobby says:

    I got the memory card fixed there was a problm with it.
    One thing is it’s not as strong a phone as others I had. I expect the usual scrapes with all phones when they fall on hard surfaces but the screen, dents and mini holes are quite annoying too.

  33. Leon says:

    Same problem as Alec and Steve. When phone switches on I only see the 3 logo briefly before it goes dead. Battery and Sim connections all ok.

    Must be inherent fault with this model.

  34. Ste says:


    I’m afraid its a trip down to the 3 store for you matey. Had to get mine flashed/new firmware or whatever they do but seems to have rid the problem now. Shame but don’t think there is anything you can do about it….

  35. Zee says:

    hi guys. ive got a wp-s1 i believe its calld but i am havin sum problems.

    1. i have insertd a 3 sim crd but it shows no reception n on the main screenn it says limited or no service.

    2. when i dial 444 to top up there is no dial tone or nothing. after 5 secs it jus hangs up.

    so at the moment it hasnt really started up. has any1 got any ideas of why this may be and what i could do to fix this.

    really like the fone by the way, very stylish (blue n white) and petite.

    plz help.
    thankxx very much!!

  36. Tengo uno en Colombia, no español o sea dificil de interpretar, muy buen telefono
    quiero conocer las caracteristicas y funcionamiento real de este equipo.
    les agradezco información al respecto.

  37. pavel says:

    Hi, for 15 pounds you can get unlock key from operator 3, but I heard about getting unlock code for free after + year phone usage. So maybe we can save 15 pounds. I looking for the code as well. So if anybody know the code – highly welcome. THX

  38. miss cool says:

    i m planning on getting the s1 fone.
    but i have sum question can any1 plz answer them thank u
    1. how long can u talk on skype for 1 month
    2. can u get msn on s1
    3. do u have to top up every month even f its not finished??
    4 should i get the fone???

    please answer my questions thnk u

  39. geoneil says:

    To answer your questions Miss Cool…

    1) They got a fair use policy of 4000 Skype minutes and 10000 Skype IMs per month.

    2) Yes, easiest way to install it… press Launcher from the standby screen, scroll down to MSN Messenger and press Skype.

    3) Yes and no. Your access to Skype expires after 30 days but your cash credit stays on til it runs out.

    4) Depends what you want from a phone. If you want a small but perfectly formed 3G phone for calls, texts and games and want it cheap then go ahead.

  40. wayne says:

    has anyone had probs with their wps1 breaking ? iv got through 6 in last 4 months and the sixth one is now broke in same way as all the rest
    pray you never need to call customer services! thanks

  41. Sawyl says:

    Wayne: I’ve had two Skypephones break on me so far. The first got slower and slower when starting up, and finally stopped turning on at all. It just says “3” and stays like that. The last time it started up before that, it took 35 minutes.

    My second was actually the first one I had… it was on PAYG but I got a new one when I bought a contract, and since the first had a scratched screen I stopped using it. But when the other broke I went back to it, but it suffered the same fate. I think its “death” was brought about more quickly when I dropped it a few weeks ago: only about 2 feet onto carpet, but the battery came out and it stopped working completely two days later.

    Both also had problems of freezing for several seconds (5-10, sometimes more) when receiving text messages… particularly annoying with the “vibrate” setting because the phone would activate the vibrate feature, freeze, and continue vibrating until it recovered!

    I was happy with my Skypephones (see previous comment) but I’m glad I only bought a six month contract. I won’t be replacing them, and for many other reasons I won’t be buying on the 3 network again (but that’s another story!)

    I hope everyone else has more luck with theirs 🙂

  42. Agradezco que me ayuden averiguar el software del 3 Skypephone WP-S1 pues me llegó uno a Bogotá y no hay quien me ayude aquí.
    Es que ese cel es muy bueno y lo quiero utilizar con todos sus beneficios.
    No tengo el CD para liberarlo.

  43. Sheila says:

    I have just ordered one of these but am now wondering if I’ve done the right thing….. I have lots and lots of numbers and make many text messages each day – currently using a nokia 6330 which has quite a large memory.

    Definately wondering whether I should have stuck with a nokia…….

  44. robert says:

    sum1 said the WP-S1 only supports a 1Gb mem card well I have a 4Gb SDHC in mine and works great if not a little slow to update after adding stuff.
    As for not being detected by the pc! put in mass storage mode under connectivity and then press activate and it is detected like a usb thumb drive (no drivers needed)
    for XP/Vista anyway!
    also I have used mine to connect to the internet which was easy (using the drivers on the cd) but the speed was not much better than dial up very disappointed I thought 3G was almost like Broadband?

    my brothers has also broke stopping on the 3 start up screen after he had let it run right out of batt power I read that had also been the case with another WP-S1 so maybe dont let it run right out of charge???

    hope this helps ?I love mine i use
    msn, opera browser, myboy (gameboy emu) , facebook ,Ect Ect

  45. I have a Skype, but i always have thsi goddamn PREDICTUVE TEXT?! i cant turn it off, i try the options menu, but its just things like reply or delete. i cant get rid of it. ill be typing stuff in and it comes up with nonesense.

    E-mail me at : liams_uk_09@hotmail.com

    – and tell me how to turn it off, its not in the manual

  46. malita says:

    ive just bought the new INQ phone from 3 on contract with free internet and skype…..however i would like to buy a S1 skypephone for my daughter who lives 30 miles away now.
    If she didnt top-up or have credit on her S1 could she still ring me free via the skype (and me on my skype)?
    My brother seems to think that she’d always need credit and that skype will use up credit via the internet???
    But i woz looking at the new argos catalogue today and it says the S1 can use free skype even with NO CREDIT!!!
    Please can someone confirm if she’d need credit or not???
    Cheers!!!! 🙂

  47. belv_serials says:

    Hello all,
    Ive had my WP-S1 for about 3 months and the only problems is that sometimes it dont like to unlock, so I just press the C button a couple of times and it unlocks.
    And out in the sun its screen is dull hard to see.
    I have fitted a SanDisk 4 gig SDHC and it works fine.

  48. hi, just a few comments,
    1, my phone has had no problems with battery (3-4 days average life )
    2 it has never got broken even tho the cat has knocked it onto the floor several times from a height of approx 2 1/2 feet to solid floor.
    3, it wont connect to ubuntu as a modem, that is a bit of a g*t.
    4, if ever it needed replacing it would be replaced straight away with another skype phone the entire concept is fantastic with the exception to no 3
    my wife has one aswell and we talk to one another when one of us is shopping ane are being reminded to pick something up ie milk and that costs nothing, a txt would be at least 10p but if you have used your credit txting or calling none skype phones that free service is a godsend

  49. carrie says:

    That phone was the worst thing I ever got..
    It has been in repairs twice and no lies it’s going back again as soon as I get into town.
    The first time there was a problem with texts. It would recieve the same one multiple times and stopped sending them. It also had a problem with freezing.
    The second time it would not turn on.. It would freeze with the three logo stuck on…
    This time it was my fault I dropped it on the ground and I’ve mucked up some connection.. If it weren’t for the garenty(sp) there wouldn’t be a chance in me getting it fixed. Even this time i’m a bit skeptical but I’ll get it fixed this last time and I’m buying a new one in the next few weeks.


  50. jason says:

    my skype wp-s1 wil not allow me to send txt messages anymore! looked all thru the phone and cant find anything that can help me!
    Any suggestions wil be gratefully recieved 🙂
    jason x

  51. Martin says:

    Hi guys. I have bought wp-s1 from ebay and im having a few problems.

    1. I have inserted a 3 sim card but it shows no reception on the main screen it says limited or no service.

    2. when i dial 444 to top up there is no dial tone or nothing. after 5 secs it just hangs up.

    Its a brand new sim card, does it need to be topped up before it is usable?

    Thanks Martin.

  52. Tommy Coyne says:

    Hey, I have the WP-S1 mobile and use it as my modem to access the internet. it worked fine while I was using XP. I have upgraded pc with Vista and have noticed that the original software that came with the phone doesn’t work with Vista. Is there a Vista version of the software?

  53. stephen says:

    To all you folk who complain. Lets get real… £50…you have a mobile phone…you have skype… you have a good camera. Any better deals out there?? NO WAY..

  54. Edu Faim says:

    Hello guys!

    I just need to unlocking the bloody phone, cuz I came back to Brazil and I couldn’t use yet.

    First question before all, IS IT POSSIBLE?

    I can’t find anything about unlocking it, anything at all, even if SOMEONE on the planet, unlocked his own mobile.

    When I left London, I tried to unlocking at Oxford St, at manny diferent places, but everyguy i went told the same shit, it’s not possible, 1 year ago.

    and now? they got it? the find a way to do it?

    See you people, and I know this question is gonna answer lots of people!!!!

    []’s from Brazil

  55. Melissa says:

    i have just brought the skype phone model WP-S1, but the phone wont let me connect to the internet or windows live messenger would appreciate it if you reply with any help to my email account please many thanks. x

  56. debidoo says:

    hey guys my wp-s1 needs a master reset but I don’t know what the code is – where can I get this from? I’ve lost the box,
    (3 shop recommended as it won’t send txts anymore)


  57. DANIEL says:

    Compré en Italia un WPS1. Funcionó perfeco. Por trabajo viajo por distintos paises de europa. Ahora estoy en Barcelona y el teléfono no funciona. En Francia tampoco. Que debo hacer?. Alguien me puede asesorar?.
    El sistema skype es muy bueno.
    Muchas gracias

  58. emily says:

    this is a good phone but there is hardly any fun stuff on it. e.g it doesnt have any themes and you have to pay &5.00 for 1 game. also when you pay for songs on 3music store, you cant use them as a ringtone!

  59. emily says:

    PLEASE READ THIS! If you are on pay as you go,and you have no credit, when you dial 444 it says outgoing calls barred so you cant top up! IF YOU KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS COULD YOU PLEASE WRITE BACK, I NEED TO KNOW!

  60. anna says:

    to any one who gets the 3 symbol wen u turn it on and then it goes dead:
    this happened to me sometimes, and it really annoyed me. but all i had to do was charge the phone, and it went away. this might seem stupid and it might only be my phone that does that but it worked for me

  61. anna says:

    hi, does anyone know how to make the volume quieter that the lowest setting? it is very loud and annoying sometimes when i just want it to be quiet. this may be impossible but you never know

  62. Juan says:

    He leido en un foro que el Skypephone S2 usa la misma software que los mobiles LG. A lo mejor el Skypephone tambien usa la software de LG y se podra liberar con la misma software que se usa para liberar los mobiles LG

  63. Amaad Khan says:

    Hi. i have a skype WP-S1 mobile fone. i dnt knw how to connect the GPRS on this fone. if somebody know about it, please tell me. and it is not showing the fun kit of sim card as well.

  64. gary says:

    my family have gone to florida and took one phone, but i cant get in touch with them, my phone in uk is sayin the florida phone is off line, what can i do to get the signal again? do i need to get a new florida sim in the phone? any ideas please

  65. Taurito25 says:


    Date: 05 February 2012





    …Great little dynamic
    phone for those that need long term low cost connectivity for those lost
    contacts but the other little gem in this phone is one of the cameras functions
    and its image editor.

    For those that create on
    the trot this phone is a must, so much so that those in the now around the
    carriers servers are taking others images and selling them on for royalty deals
    such as the Vodafone Red Free sim box popping up all over the place and the Channel
    5’s Scarlet filler page, they can shred and install flash animation all they
    like but the original motivation for capturing the image is still present, and
    anyone who creates for a living recognises his or her own work.

    After raising the issue
    with the network carrier they tried and succeeded to take away my signal and
    next I am sure will be the account history, so now I can no longer use my Skype
    3 WP-S1.

    I am not concerned with
    the loss of Skype, but I am annoyed about the loss of my intellectual property.




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