Citizens have new Bluetooth enabled iVirt watches: cool looking or ugly ducklings?

What we would love to know have Citizen put a new pen to a new bit of paper when it comes to the design front? Over the years Virt watches have been what we call ugly ducklings and personally would not even let my dog where them, but and now a big fat juicy but they have watches that are well how can we put it “Wearable”.

iVirt watches pic 1

The latest line up of Bluetooth enabled watches called the i: Virt collection come in an array of colours which sport a metal-bandish thingy (lol), you can use your Bluetooth mobile phone with these watches which is cool plus even better they all have stunning battery life of up to 5 days with BT turned on.

Some of the specs within are color LCD, water resistant, signal display, call history list, phone battery meter, caller ID and email viewer. More pics below –

iVirt watches pic 2

iVirt watches pic 3

iVirt watches pic 4

iVirt watches pic 5


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