Heroes fans will love the new Official Mobile Game: I will be playing with Hayden Panettiere

Now if you love Heroes the one of the most popular television series in the US and in the UK ten you will definitely love the fact that there is going to be a Heroes official mobile phone game, the only downside is that there is no word on whether the game will come to Europe.

Heroes Mobile Game screenshot

Heroes is one of the best things on the TV thanks to NBC and now you will be able to experience Heroes where ever you go, I Know one thing for sure I will be playing with Hayden Panettiere as much as I possibly can.

The new game from Gameloft will put you right in there with the characters from the TV show for example Niki Sanders who is deadly, Matt Parkman the telepathic cop, Hiro Nakamura the time traveler and the Peter Petrelli the enigmatic.

Of course each hero will have there powers and this will affect the game play style, check out the video below, oh sorry about the resolution its crap but the game will be the nuts.

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