Apple iPhone UK launch pumps up the volume: 1400 extra staff helps out

And the Apple iPhone UK launch goes on and we all are eagerly awaiting for this little internet baby in your pocket device to hit the shelves this coming Friday, O2 the giants behind the launch of this new UK iPhone have taken on 1400 extra staff so that they can cope with the launch day which is as said this Friday the 9th November.

The internet browser, mobile phone and iPod gadget will cost you £269 plus an 18 month contract from O2 which will also cost between £35 and £55 a month. The iPhone will also be available via Carphone Warehouse and Apple and most stores will keep the doors open till 11pm to deal with the stampede.

The iPhone 8GB version can hold a staggering 1,825 songs which is cool. In United States 1.1 million Apple iPhones were sold since the end of June 2007 and around several hundred thousand will be sold in the UK.

O2 were the boys who won the major contract to get the Exclusive contract to give everyone the iPhone on their network. The iPhone is controlled entirely through a touchscreen and has been a hit with celebrities such as Demi Moore.

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