I have major problems with the 3 Skypephone: Do you?

We have been testing the 3 Skypephone out for a while now and you will remember we have already given you a couple of reviews which are 3 Skypephone hands on review part 1: WP-S1 Out of the box and 3 Skypephone hands on review part 2: Should I buy this mobile phone? (Link 1Link 2) have a read see what you think plus see the photos we took.

So seeing as we have already done a couple of reviews already we did in fact promise a few more so here is one we called “I have major problems with the 3 Skypephone: Do you?

Ok so I personally have been using one phone and one of Phones Review writers called James has another one (James will be posting a review soon so keep posted), shall we talk about what I think now?

I have the 3 Skypephone with £30 credit on PAYG which is all good but I want to test the network coverage as many people have said it was and in so many words and to put it blunt Three is crap, well I am being honest here and trust me when I do not like something I will totally bring it down to the garbage bin, but and a big BUT I have had no troubles at all getting in contact with people when I ring them up. So overall when making calls and receiving calls it is very good indeed.

Now we move on to the text someone bit, I am not the best text master in the world as I do prefer to chat to people but when I used the send a message via the text service I found this too be a doddle even for me, the buttons are easy too press and of which I made no mistakes at all (You know when your thumb hits another key that you did not want too press which can be bloody annoying. So overall the texting is easy to use.

Now I am getting really annoyed, now you are asking “why are you getting annoyed? Well let me put it this way, I pressed the big square button you know the one that says Skype and then the Skype screen pops up so I then put in my username and password and hey presto there it is all my contacts, the ones that are online and the ones that are offline. I then contact one of my contacts in a chat message in where I type my message and send it too them, I am waiting for something too say SORRY UNAVAILBALE or something along those lines, but hell no it works fine. Ok so what about calling them via Skype (Ah now I can see a problem) I call them and oh no they answer the call so we chat away for a couple of minutes with no interruption then I hang up.

Is there anything wrong with this mobile phone, NO is the clear answer.

So we get back to what I said in the title, I have major problems with the 3 Skypephone: Do you? Well my major problem is that I have a major problem finding any fault with this mobile phone and it is a big thumbs up to the 3 Skypephone and for the price that they are selling it at I would personally buy this phone in place of the Sony Ericsson W660i which is the one I am personally using. For ease of use and for the price I would definitely choose the 3 Skypephone.

For more information and a complete insight of what other people have been saying about this phone please do visit http://www.3mobilebuzz.com/

Just out of curiosity “Do you have any problems with the 3 Skypephone?


48 thoughts on “I have major problems with the 3 Skypephone: Do you?”

  1. Pamela says:

    I have just bought this phone and the only problem ive found is the delay when talking on skype but apart from that its a great all round phone. (who needs an i-phone lol)

  2. John Smith says:

    Thanks for the the review and the updates, but can you please have someone check your grammer before you post. What you write reads very poorly and is difficult to understand.

  3. Pamela says:

    Well what a cheek poor grammer! How many people can actually spell properly on the web is minimal!!

    Anyway to reitararte this is a good phone and very easy to use, the skype can be a bit hard to get used to as it has some time delay between whomever you are talking to and could cause confusion.

    The camea onhis is very decent for the amount of pixels its got and the pictures look good.

    This phone is very good value for your money.

  4. anon says:

    this phone is great, or has been for the first two weeks. now the skype application is not functioning correctly. it does not show people to be online when they are (i checked on the computer), i phoned customer service (in mombai) and they told me to uninstall skype and reinstall it, which is actually NOT a given option on the phone! great handset, great idea, unreliable and poorly implemented network and service! i want my money back!

  5. rolf says:

    I have had the skype phone for nearly a month. I was very impressed until suddenly this morning when the phone decided not to work any longer. It doesn’t pass the start-up screen. Once the start-up screen shows with a big ‘3’ for about 3 seconds the screen flashes and so carries on doing so. Tried removing the battery and sim card, rebooting etc, but the phone seems to be finito. I had a good three weeks, but got less than 4 hours talk time out of this phone. Then £50 suddenly isn’t so cheap!
    Anyone had a similar problem?

  6. First of all, I agreed with John Smith.

    I’ve just signed up for 3 yesterday and chosen the Skypephone. At a first glance, I thought it’s not a bad phone. When I tried putting in the battery, sim card and mmc, I felt that it is fragile and plastic.

    The battery cover doesn’t fit properly, I believe it is due to the mechanism where there’s a magnet at the bottom of it. When I read the manual, I saw a Amoi logo and I have a feeling that I had made a mistake.

    I regret for not making research on the internet. I regret for not trying out the display phone. Well, anyway, no one to blame but myself.

    I am just wondering how long it will last and how long it will take for the usb port cover to break.

    Personally, even 6630 is a better phone. Yeah, I am talking about an old model which I am using it now as my alarm.

  7. Bx says:

    rolf: I have had a similar problem, the phone would not turn on. It finally did now the battary is really pants only lasts durign the day I have to charge it every night. A huge pain ….. trying to find a new battary but having no luck. Did you have any joy with 3 or did you get no help like me?

  8. Dundee says:

    My computer runs winXP doesn’t want to recognise my phone so I can’t put music on it. I’ve done the help thing but that was a shit lot of use

  9. heather says:

    I have had the skype phone for nearly a month. I was very impressed until suddenly this morning when the phone decided not to work any longer. It doesn’t pass the start-up screen. Once the start-up screen shows with a big ‘3′ for about 3 seconds the screen flashes and so carries on doing so. Tried removing the battery and sim card, rebooting etc, but the phone seems to be finito. I had a good three weeks, but got less than 4 hours talk time out of this phone. Then £50 suddenly isn’t so cheap!
    Anyone had a similar problem?

    i had mine on contract from my last phone which broke. i had exactly the same problem, took it back to the 3 shop and they said that they could send it away but it would take a week and they wouldn’t give me a loan phone. So it came back fixed, and within two weeks of it being fixed the same problem happened, but to make matters worse, when we took it back to the shop for the SECOND time they still wouldn’t give me a new phone. sent it off for repair(still with no loan phone) and it was fixed within 2 weeks and again today it has happened again. This phone is by far the worse phone I have ever had.

  10. Craig says:

    Well, after 6 months of use. brought mine at christmas, my skype phone no longer turns on. i was receiving messages 20 times in a row (the same message from the same person, over and over again) people couldnt phone me, but i could phone them, even when signal was high people couldnt get though to me. so yes, i have a major problem with my skype wp-s1, its broke without it being dropped, drowned or hit in anger. no problems till now though.

  11. Steve says:

    The same problem as Craig… phone is quite new but wont boot any more… comes up with 3 logo goes to go into the keylock then reboots again. Phone has never been damaged but its now useless. Shame as it was a good phone to that point. Would understand if this happened after a few years of usage maybe but not after about 2 months. Can a hard reset be done on the phone??? Does anyone know any keys you can hold when switching on or anything?

  12. Sabina says:

    Hello everyone, I am having exactly the same problem with my skype phone which I only had it for 3 months. Suddenly the phone stopped working, and the 3 logo would just be flashing on the screen without the phone actually coming on. I will try contacting 3 customers services, but after reading all this comments, I don’t think I will get anywhere with them.

    I think it’s back to Nokia for me lol.

  13. katy says:

    my skype phone has given me no problems yet apart from distortion when i turn up the volume loud on my computer, in response to anon u need to test call ur skype contact to see if they are online first.

  14. SJD says:

    My girlfriend has had 2 replacement 3 Skype phones in the last 9 months because of the same problem as everyone else here.

    The latest went faulty again over a month ago and because she purchased it online on an 18 month contract has to deal with the call centre in Outer Bangalore or wherever the hell it is. She was promised a Sony Ericsson replacement by the call centre 3 weeks ago due to having so many problems with the Skype phone…but it hasn’t materialised.

    Three customer services are useless as is their Skype phone. Its got to be the worst phone around for reliabilty and the price reflects that. Anyone who has one and hasn’t had any problems yet…….it will happen – this is a known problem which 3 are turning a blind eye to.

    My top tips:
    1. Don’t get a phone from the Three network unless you buy from a 3 store on the high street which means the store will deal with your problems not the Indian call centre

    2. Don’t buy their Skype phone from anywhere

    Its got to the stage where she has cancelled the direct debit as her letters aren’t being answered from the head office address.

    We are in the process of complaining via a regulatory company given on the OfCom website and I suggest anybody else in a similar position with this rubbish phone or even the 3 network on other matters should do the same.

  15. Lou says:

    I agree, this review is written very poorly. From the title I assumed you did not like this phone, and while reading I found it so difficult to follow that I still had no idea whether you were in support or otherwise of this phone. Funny that everyone complaining about spelling and grammar, are unable to spell or use grammar themselves.

    As for the phone, I’ve had it only a few weeks and I am about 60% happy. 60% is for the amount of time it works, 40% is for the amount of time it doesn’t. I am constantly asked to re-enter my log in and password then it is rejected and I am told that I need to go online to subscribe. Yet 20mins later it will log in. Ridiculous and frustrating. Many times when i do connect, the call is of poor quality or I can hear the other person but they can’t hear me, or vice versa.

    But for the 60% of the time that it does work, it’s fantastic. Hooray for free international calls from a mobile phone!

    1. hbh says:

      the skpe phone is rbbish, it is fragile and breaks easy and after i had it for a months half the screen stopped working, the ring tone takes 10mins to change and it freezes conatantly

  16. Micheal says:

    Oh my God, the same thing, ‘3’ flashing on the screen, took longer and longer to turn on and then nothing. Phone was replaced (so they said but only part of circuit inside i guess)
    When phone came back was fine then just sitting on the sideboard a crack on the inside screen appeared and now i have lost half the screen. I took it back they said it was my fault even though it had mysteriously happened 2 days after it being returned. I complained that the circuit maybe was screwed in too tight but no joy. I took it home,within 5 days it was flashing the ‘3’ logo again and now doesn’t work at all again. I am taking it back tomorrow but will almost bet now the screen is damaged they will blame the repeating ‘3’ logo on me so thank goodness for you guys here with your complaints that I can use as backup.

  17. MG says:

    I bought this phone as an emergency replacement for my old moto E1000 which dead.
    In australia skype is free for the $150AUD handset.
    “I have major problems with the 3 Skypephone: Do you?”
    Looks like there is a major problem with this handset !!!
    anyway.. i’ve just had mine for two days now… we’ll see how long it last 🙁

  18. Ste says:


    Similar situation to mine. When I got my phone back from repair (stuck on the 3 logo) my screen cracked the next day! It was not dropped either, it must be something to do with how they are putting the phones back together. Shame really as its a great little phone.

  19. Micheal says:

    To Ray,
    The disc that comes with the phone did it for me, my OS is XP maybe yours is another. But it does always find new hardware when i plug it in but i just cancel and use the WP-S1 PC sync program that is installed on the PC and its fine and i think u can also just use it as a harddrive by choosing USB mass storage on the phone instead of PC Sync.

    To Ste,
    I am sure going back to shop to make a complaint now after reading your post because i definately know that I did not crack the inside of the screen. But maybe I’ll wait till the third time it sticks on ‘3’ and won’t turn on and chain myself to their front desk and scream till it is sorted!

  20. Chris says:

    I purchased 2 skype phones the first day they came out, and i have had a few problems with them. Firstly i had an issue with them both duplicating texts, the screen scratches REALLY easily, they freeze all the time when trying to unlock and just to top it off – today it has been turining on and off randomly!

    As i am in and out of the country i thought it would be good, as skype is internationally recognised, but i’ve been to France, Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg and the skype didnt work in all of them…. so watch out.

  21. Paul Edwards says:

    Well, in general I am quite happy with the Skype 2 – (£69.99 in Uk by the way so dont know where some of you got £50 from!) I got it on contract anyway and pay £5 for unlimited internet (I use it for internet on my laptop – works fine)

    main problem…. SKYPE DOES NOT WORK ON IT! or only intimitantly , Most of the time if I press the skype button it just locks up and crashes then re-starts – other times it runs all night! Seems to be mainly when the 3G signal drops out, which it does everytime you put a load on it!! The rest of the phone works fine. I purchased a SD 2GIG card and it was a good buy becuase the phones memory is miniscule!! (you can get up to 4GB) If only they could get skype running proper – which is surely the main point of this phone??!! It would be great!

    I also have the skype app on my sonyerricsson – same prob there – dont work!!! I think they need to do more technical research regarding skype and wireless technology before releasing it to the general public.


    Thats all!

  22. Isabela says:

    Mine will switch off randomly, even though battery is charged and keypad is locked. Really annoying. I got it about a month ago, wonder if I can still have it replaced.

  23. Carolanne Clyde says:

    I am having the exact same problem with getting my phone on and it randomly turns the phone off. I have taken the phone to the 3 store and the guy turned it on and it was working fine but 2 weeks later its started doing it again!!! I going back to the store today. I am going to print out these comments and i have highlighted the comments that are having the same problems as me so hopefully that will prove my point!

  24. Danny says:

    Whenever I need to send text messages in/near public buildings or in houses it never seems to work. Another big annoyance is when you buy a game and 3 messes up and fails to download.

  25. Alex says:

    Today I’m gonna be taking my skypephone in forreplacement for the second time in the last 6 months.
    Out of a sudden it just lost coverage and simply says “Limited service” even though i didnt drop it or anything. The exact same thing happened 6 months ago when they substituted it. So annoying. A totally unreliable phone.

  26. micheal says:

    the skype phone 1 is a shoddy phone I had one – never again- but i took a chance on a 6 month contract on the skpye 2 phone, awful camera, predictive on messenger turns on and off by itself and sometimes when u dial or choose a number it just wont dial just resets to ‘call’ even if the phone is in the same room and reachable by other phones = crazy.
    does look nice though just don’t rely on it!

  27. Jez says:

    Does anyone know how to turn up the volume on the speaker for the skpephone WP S1

    Can the overall volume on the phone be made louder ie when it is on the speaker phone it is still not loud enough.


  28. Jen says:

    I had the same problem with my Skype phone – the weird doubling up of text messages, the sudden switching off, and freezing on the 3 screen.

    A friend suggested that I delete all my sent and received text messages. This seems to have fixed the problem for now (touch wood!).

    Beware – it took me hours to unclog my phone! At first I had to delete messages one at a time! But after a while my phone was fast enough to delete several messages at once. And then eventually I could use the ‘delete all’ function. My inbox had about 500 messages in it, and my outbox had about the same number – I won’t be letting my mail boxes get so big again!

  29. Anne says:

    Had the same problem but after draining the battery and charging it would let me switch it on. Yesterday I stupidly turned it off and now it doesn’t work – stuck on 3 logo. Phone turns on no fuss without sim card.. Are there any solutions?

  30. Micheal says:

    If its still under guarantee then take it in to 3 and u get it back in a week fixed for the moment, however the 2nd time i got mine back the inside screen mysteriously had a crack in it by the next morning, so watch out for that coz then u have to pay £30.00.too much pressure from the inside of phone i think but impossible to prove it wasn’t u!

  31. Paul Edwards says:

    I DID have problems with first skype phone I got (skype2) It kept crashing esp when I tried to access skype itself.
    What I did was to open up a new skype account on the phone and log in – IT WORKED!!

    I have never had anyprobs with this phone since its excellent and very usefull too!


  32. Dtag Sote says:

    Boo-Hoo !!! ~ My phone just freezes at the start up screen (?) >> It displays the “3” logo and then just stalls (forever?) ~ I left it switched on one night for 25 minutes before having to pull out the battery just in order to turn it off again >> I have a complete waste of a phone !!?



  33. Angelo says:

    I bought a new battery but the problem is still the same. During last month I was receiving a lot of stupid spot messages coming from 3. If someone knows some kind of hard reset o firmware settings and uploading… let me know.

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