Alltel Axcess Family Finder: GPS Parental Controls announcement

Alltel have another angle of the love hate relationship that parents share with their children’s mobile phones — cellphones with a new kid on the block called “Axcess Family Finder.”

This all new Alltel Axcess Family Finder will allow parental units to get up interactive maps online via their Alltel Wireless mobile phone or PC to determine where their kids are and will also be able to configure and keep track of areas that kids frequent most.

Axcess Family Finder will really give parents peace of mind because it provides real time location information for your loved ones, this set up uses GPS technology, you can also set up convenient scheduled checks, send automatic notifications of your child’s location at set times and so much more.

This new set up will cost just $9.99 per month per child when used with a compatible handset which is not a lot of money really considering they are thinking about your children.

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