Audiobooks application released by Nokia Beta Labs: great for S60 3rd Edition

News in has it that Nokia’s Beta Labs group has released its Audiobooks application which makes the Nseries devices go a little further in the world of multimedia category, these new Audiobooks app does and we know you might of guessed it plays audio books.

The mobile phone application will be loved by many we would say because it will basically work on any S60 3rd Edition device and reads books encoded using AMR-WB and will be optimized for we guess the spoken word and very well compressed.

There will be a matching Windows based application with the set-up as well which will enable all users to convert files to the AMR-WB format and then be able to compile them all into separate/individual chapters which are pretty cool.

Please do check it out by clicking the links below because it is now ready from the Beta Labs site, please remember it is in Beta mode.


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