O2 UK launching new phone in December: Is this XDA called the Stella or the Stellar?

We are confused can you help? The latest news in is that O2 UK are launching a brand new mobile XDA smartphone phone in December but we are as confused as they are because we want to know what the real name is going to be, will it be the O2 Stella or the O2 Stellar? Personally Stella reminds me of the famous lager and I really do not think you can drink this kind of Stella.

O2 Stella or Stellar XDA smartphone

The O2 Stella or Stellar 3G handset is basically based on the HTC TyTN II design, the reason this is all confusing about the name is because if you follow the O2 link below and scroll to the bottom you will notice that they have put the word Stella and the word Stellar there.

Anyway whatever the name be the new XDA will feature a 2.8 inch touchscreen and will be running on Windows Mobile 6, it will also boast quad-band GSM and 3G plus Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS navigation which is a great start, but even more specs which look good is that this new phone from O2 will have a 3 MP camera and FM radio.

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Source — O2 Shop — Scroll down the page and you will clearly see it there.

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