Is this superb Chinese mobile phone the Nokia Aeon Concept clone?

The latest update following the Nokia Aeon Concept — We have had nothing but many comments about the Nokia AEON mobile phone concept in where many people want this device made so they can buy it, and now it seems there is a clone or of course some people would call it a rip off.

So remembering back when we gave you the news on the Nokia Aeon (LINK) we promised we would tell you more, and that more is there is a new kid on the block which a superb Chinese mobile phone and you must admit does look very much like the Nokia Aeon.

Looking at all the pictures below it is clear that this phone is stunning and after already seeing the Nokia Aeon Concept we must say this is clearly a rip off device and everything about it is the same as the Nokia Device.

The specs on this clone rip off include a 2.2″ 260K color 176×220 screen, microSD memory slot, VGA camera, stereo speakers, stereo Bluetooth support, 85 grams and 110×48×15 mm and weighs. Please look at the pictures below –

What are your views on the Chinese mobile phone Nokia Aeon Concept clone?

Nokia Aeon Concept clone pic 1

Nokia Aeon Concept clone pic 2

Nokia Aeon Concept clone pic 3

Nokia Aeon Concept clone pic 4

Nokia Aeon Concept clone pic 5

Pictures from — M8cool.com


13 thoughts on “Is this superb Chinese mobile phone the Nokia Aeon Concept clone?”

  1. Hell says:

    To: Rajesh Uppal

    Quote “This mobile phone is really great if it would be available in green or orange it will soon defeat NOKIA in the mobile market”

    Are you (in)sane?
    This phone is nothing near a good phone. It shouldnt even be compared to anything Nokia have done EVER! Not even a brick…
    Never buy this phone, I feel pretty sure you’ll waste you’re money.

  2. mark says:

    ive looked into this, its nothing like it. it only has one screen, the bottom one is just a touchpad with numbers shining through, the body is flat, not curved, and the interface looks awful !

  3. Verne says:

    Bought this off ebay as needed a second phone. Does the job. Cheap but relatively high spec. Could be worse, but a damn lot cheaper than the Nokia will be. Looks quite stylish. Friends have commented on its looks, although it is not a patch on the real nokia. NO touch-screen for example. Still, if you want an ersatz telephone for variety, then this will do.

  4. claire says:

    I have this phone in black looks great but is a complete rubbish phone, compared with most chinese phones it is cheap and rubbish .. and it is terrible to text on, buttons in wrong places and you have to push then real hard for it to register, i would not recomend this phone at all aprt from on looks

  5. this Nokia cellphone must be expensive. It’s better to buy clone cellphones in China. I just bought one from dragonkicks.com, the model number on this store is C-009, miphone. WIFI, SMART, WINDOWS, it beats the apple iphone. Why? Because it costs only $269 but has the same functions as apple iphone! lol

  6. lol. i found another website for cheap cellphones. Nokia N96i. the newest release! 100% copy of nokia N96. Guess how much? Only $194. eleczilla.com is your first choice for chinese cellphone.

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