O2 News Update: New Nokia Oyster Tube Phone is now official

Following on from our previous London underground Oyster Nokia phone (Link) O2 have finally officially announced the launch of the Tube-Phone which will have a six month trial across London. This is the start of the first true pilot of NFC Oyster-enabled mobiles.

To start this trial off 500 O2 customers will be given a Nokia 6131 NFC handset which has already launched installed with the “O2 Wallet” plus £200 which has been pre-loaded by Visa who are the ones that offer an Oyster card.

Basically all these people are guinea-pigs who are trying out the new system, or basically the ones that will have their new phones stolen by those thieves lurking in the corner ready to pounce (We hope not though).

The trial will end sometime in May and this will enable a great feedback, will it all work or will it not? Well guess we have to wait till the trial is over.

If you are a new owner of these Tube Phones please do contact us and let us know what you think of the new system.

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