Nokia launch WH-600 and WH-700 stereo headsets

The new WH-600 and WH-700 stereo headsets from Nokia will be available in the early part of 2008 Nokia has announced. Nokia describe the two new headsets as stylish and subtle which fit comfortably round the ear and has three types of ear-cups that will reverberate your preferred tunes with “exquisite audio”.

Nokia’s WH-700 is of a lightweight design with easy call management along with volume control which will make it easy to use while on the move, and comes with an adapter for standard 3.5mm connectors, and works with most audio sources. For music fans on the go there is the WH-600, a headband style on the ear headset; listen to your music and talk when needed via the easy call management, and also comes with an adaptor for standard 3.5mm connectors.

Nokia expect to have both headsets on the world market by January 2008 with the WH-600 costing approximately 65 euro before taxes while the WH-700 should be in the region of 50 eurs before taxes.

NokiaWH-600 and WH-700

Source — Pocket-lint

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