Palm announce unbranded and unlocked Trio 750, with Windows Mobile 6.0

Palm have announced the perfect Treo 750 with it being unlocked, unbranded, and with Windows Mobile 6.0 installed, and all for only $549, this will surely make users of AT&T branded Treo 750 happy.The unlocked Palm Treo, previously only available via AT&T is basically the same device you would get from AT&T without the carries logo or any AT&T firmware tweaks, and the Palm Treo 750 will get its 3G in Europe and the US.

So if you fancy owning a Palm Treo that is unbranded and unlocked, and are willing to trade 3G for an oversized display then click on their online store, and you’ll soon own  an unlocked Palm Treo all of your own.

Palm Trio 750

Source — Mobile Burn

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