Web n Walk 5 day internet pass offer from T-Mobile

T-Mobile are now offering a 5 day Web’n’walk pass for only £2.50 that give you unlimited access to the entire internet on your mobile which will be the equivalent of only 50p per day. This low priced 5 day pass is to be aimed at people who wish to access the internet without committing to a monthly contract.

The 5 day pass will be available on virtually 40 T-Mobile pat-as-you-go handsets and the £2.50 allows users entire internet access for yes you’ve guessed it, 5 days. The latest version of Web’n’walk, version 3 by T-Mobile claim access is now even made easier as this latest version allows you to personalise you homepage and give you access to sites and services that matter.

Web’n’walk version 3 can be accessed by customers by ringing 879 or texting “web” to 441 and within thirty minutes T-Mobile text back to let the customer know the 5 day pass id ready ad will allow accesss from the next 5 days.

Web ‘n’ Walk

Source — Pocket-lint

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