Porsche P9521 wait is over: Mobilephones24.co.uk announce stock to sell

Everyone waiting for the sleek car induced mobile phone the Porsche P’9521 we have some great news for you. The wait is over because Mobilephones24.co.uk has announced that they will stock and sell the Porsche P’9521 mobile phone through their website.

If you are looking for a cheap phone then we recommend you turn your backs on this news update because we know so well it will not be cheap. If you own a Porsche then come on you know that you would love to have this phone to match your car.

The Porsche P’9521 handset has a 3.2 MP camera plus a cool rotating touch screen; other features include Bluetooth, media player and microSD memory.

Below is the full press release –

PRESS RELEASE – Mobilephones24.co.uk has confirmed that the Porsche P9521 mobile phone, the first ever mobile phone designed by Porsche and made of aluminium, will be on sale in the UK in early December 2007 through Mobilehones24.co.uk.

Porsche with its French partner Sagem have collaborated to design the stylish and sleek Porsche P’9521. With the classy look and killer style this mobile phone really is for those who like to live life to the full.

Designed with a double hinge system, which allows you to open and rotate the phone 360 degrees, topped with a touch sensitive screen the sophistication just keeps coming. With mineral glass on the screen, which looks amazing and a fingerprint built-in scanning device to protect your personal data this phone is all about style and, in keeping with the luxury styling, the phone even gives you access to a concierge service.

You think that’s impressive, the features will entice you further, with a 3.2-megapixel camera to capture those spontaneous moments and a built-in MP3 player the multimedia functions will not disappoint. Share your multimedia files instantly with Bluetooth and with EDGE technology that offers high-speed internet access.

Check out the specs and all over at – http://www.mobilephones24.co.uk


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