Apple iPhone 3G version will hit United States between May & June 2008

So it seems that the Apple iPhone 3G version rumours continue, or is this rumour in fact reality so we pinch ourselves and think “Oh yes some good news at last”. Well whatever the case we love to know about the juicy gossip behind the 3G iPhone.

The latest report comes from CNBC’s Jim Goldman who reports that the Apple 3G iPhone will hit United States (US market) sometime late May or Early June 2008, plus this latest rumor is in line with AT&T CEO Stephenson’s confirmation of a 2008-release for the next-generation iPhone.

What we would like to know, does it make sense to hold the Apple iPhone 3G version device back till 2008 seeing how we may get AT&T’s 3G network?

Source – AppleInsider

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