15 million LG Chocolate units sold: yeah right what are people mad?

Many will not believe this, but hey here goes. LG have sold 15 million Chocolate phones which will be beyond believe for many people seeing as this particular mobile phone got slated as one of the worst phones to use, but hey what do we know about phones (ha ha).

The latest sales is come on beyond believe but moving a staggering 15 million of these Chocolate mobile phones is good news surly for LG, the company broke the aforementioned barrier this month and is apparently the first Korean based handset maker to sell so many units globally.

Ok when the phone was first released sales were astonishing but as time moved on customers got to the point of saying this is the crappiest phone on the market.

What are you views on this?

Source – KoreaITDaily

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One thought on “15 million LG Chocolate units sold: yeah right what are people mad?”

  1. laura says:

    I bought this phone and i have got it fixed three times now. this phone is terrible and everyone i know that has this phone has had to get it fixed because its really crappy quality and breaks very easily. Never Buy and LG phone!

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