Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet Wristband: LM957 alerts you if you leave phone

Ok so we have seen them all, you know Bluetooth this Bluetooth that. Yes there are many wristbands out there that have Bluetooth but we really like this one because it will never let you leave your mobile phone behind.

Ah bless it is like a love story, the Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet Wristband called the LM957 alerts you if you leave phone, if move more than 15 feet away from your mobile phone the wristband will alert you.

The LM957 vibrates, alerts you when you get an incoming call (discreetly alerts) plus the looks are much better than the BlueQ; this little beauty will cost you around £23.50 ($48) and is available now.

Main Features —
– Proximity vibrating alert when mobile is more than 5m away
– Normal charging time: 3 hours
– Stand-by time: up to 100 hours
– Bluetooth Headset and Hands free profile
– Bluetooth Version 1.2 – Compatible with V1.1, V1.2 & V2
– 2.4GHz Spectrum Range of Frequency
– Vibrating alert for incoming calls

Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet Wristband LM957


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