New system software update 2.11 for AT&T’s Palm Treo 680 phone: This is the nuts

Palm oh you are so good, customers you are going to love this. Palm have just gone and released a brand new system software update AT&T’s Palm Treo 680 phone, ok so what about it?

What about it you ask, well how about a number of cool enhancements to this smartphone (Treo 680) which includes official support for SDHC cards up to 4 GB in capacity.
Not enough for you, well the new update 2.11 includes support for Microsoft’s Push Email System, SDHC (up to 4 GB SD cards), Power Saving Enhancements, Push to Talk (PTT), Enhanced Ringtone support for MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI, WAV, and AMR, that is not all of it because it also includes Instant Messaging via AOL, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo plus Easier access to additional services like TeleNav and MobiTV and even AT&T Re-branding.
Now that is an update, you can get this software update by downloading it from Palm’s web site.

Palm have also said that the unbranded/unlocked Treo 680 will get a similar update in the near future which is great news, just so you know the company are offering to send all registered users an email informing them when the update is available. So why not sign up for this as well — just go to www.palm.com/680update.

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