MetroPCS now have the Samsung simple r410 QWERTY phone

Monitoring MetroPCS’ pages, we were waiting for Samsung’s r410 to become available and now it is. The Samsung r410 is a candy bar style mobile that features a VGA camera, a slide out QWERTI keypad, and Bluetooth. Samsung has made the r410 a no nonsense easy to use phone which is available in two colours — red or black and you can now purchase it for $199.00 before rebates.


Source — MetroPCS

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31 thoughts on “MetroPCS now have the Samsung simple r410 QWERTY phone”

  1. karely says:

    this fone is cool!! buuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!!

    i fuckin hate that we cant put da sounds as ringtones 🙁

    and the memory gets full so fuckin fast!!

    ooo nd!!! we cant download all of the foward messajes bcuz it says that is to large! :'(

    uuuuuuuuggggrrr!!! that gets me mad but o well! 🙁 it still cool!! jus bcuz is red jajaja

  2. MARiAh says:

    i WANT THiS PH0NE hEkA BAd LiKE F0REAL PE0PLE JUS d0N`T i WANt iT iN THiS EXACt SAME C0L0R!!!!!!!!!!!!![REd]… h0PEFULLy i GET THiS Ph0NE NEXt M0NTh!.

  3. Liza says:

    This phone stinks! you can’t put songs that were mailed to you as ringtones and I cant recieve songs that were sent to me through bluetooth! I cant even figure out how to send someone anything through bluetooth! don’t even bother with it! the only cool thing about it is the keypad!

  4. This phone is crazy awsome I am getting it for chrismas and I am eleven so my moms not crazy about it but my dad says I am so he gave it away when he siad I be back this phone rocks you got to get it or your a loser peace 2the out.

  5. This phone is sooo cute!
    & a good phone.

    ppl think you cant get ringtones in it
    but you can!

    my sis has a metro phone & she thought
    the same thing to until a friend
    send her ringtones
    & she saved it & made it a ringtone
    & it worked! :0DD

    so whoever wants this phone….
    get it!

    its worth it.(:

  6. this phon looks asolutly amazing but ive never actually heard alot about it until i read these comments…especially the last one…i want to get it really badly…its soo pretty

  7. jocelyne says:

    my babe is gonna get me this phone pretty soon hopefully the keyboard don’t break of all the testing I’m going to do…hehehe I love you junior

  8. dejah says:

    Omg! Dis fone is so cute! I always wanted a keyboard fone but never got 1. Ma uncle said it wuz nice until I found out dat u can’t download ringtones but now I no how 2 do it. Dis fone iz TIGHT!

  9. Stars17 says:

    I want this phone but my mother won't let me get it but i don't know how much it is and i want 2 know if anyone knows write a comment I WILL GET THIS PHONE…….. ONE DAY

  10. Omg i love this phone so much i used to have it but it got stollen i was so sad i treated it like my baby i charged it cleaned it slept in my pillow case ya it sounds crazy but i did it and thats how much i love it

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