P2i s Ion-Mask coating will waterproof your mobile phone

We’ve all done it at one time or another dropped our mobile in water, whether it is accidentally down the loo or in a puddle, and we just hope and pray it will still work but usually means buying yet another mobile.

So the next step with mobiles is to get them waterproofed, P2i’s Ion-Masking coating tech will protect any everyday mobile. This doesn’t mean you can actually go deep sea diving with your mobile at hand, but it will help it survive the odd wet encounter.

P2i’s Ion-Mask tech is based on research by the Defence Science and Technology Lab in the UK. It uses a special chemical which bonds your mobile’s internal working and repels water away from the electrical areas other than relying on seals and cases which trap water in.Apparently the word is all three major handset manufacturers are in talks with P2i with a view to bringing this watertight technology to future mobiles.

Users don’t really require a mobile that they can take swimming or the like, just something that will help it survive those water encounters.

P2i s Ion-Mask

Source — Telegraph

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