Is the Apple iPhone virus free? Virus free and safe it is not

Oops if you think that your Apple iPhone is virus free then please do think again my friends, many of you think that your Apple iPhone is the best thing that has ever happened to you, and you think that it is safe from viruses.

Well apparently what we have found from modmyifone via Engadget is that an 11 year old child has added an app to installer sources that will list itself as iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep which they are calling fail.trojan which is an update to Erica’s Utilities.

Ok even though not much of a problem and only saying shoes once installed it could be the start of something really bad for you inspired and bored. Moving on it is said that if you remove the app it will damage a whole list of programs in the Apple iPhone’s bin folder like the Erica’s Utilities, Doom, Launcher and OpenSSH.

It ca be sorted by simply re-installing, the father of the 11 year old has been told about this and gave him a good telling off and now the source site that is malicious is now offline.

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