Hop-on HOP1900 Graffiti disposable mobile phone: toll-free phone number

The day as come to throw your mobile phone away, now no one in their right mind would throw away their Apple iPhone would they? Well you can throw away this phone because trust us it is no iPhone (LOL). This phone is called the Hop-on HOP1900 Graffiti disposable mobile phone or HOP1900 for short.

Great phone for those who never want to get caught we guess seeing as these phones come with a toll-free phone number, oh yes chuck it away and get another. These new disposable phones are basically no frills just use it and chuck it that will set you back $50.

Source — ComputerWorld

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3 thoughts on “Hop-on HOP1900 Graffiti disposable mobile phone: toll-free phone number”

  1. Declan You're Disgusting Graham. says:

    Pretty bloody disgusting.
    What knob considers an item like this disposable.
    Oh, I remeber, those of you without a conscience.Never heard of global warming?
    Never visited a landfill site where all your discarded throw away crap goes?
    Try it. You might wake up to reality.

  2. AJP says:

    Great idea for a mobile phone. Where do I buy one for use in the UK. If you read the details then companies pay you for returning the phone for recycling – leanr your facts Declan before being abussive

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