Globarange BB-GT1540 VoIP phone with answer machine from Panasonic

The Panasonic Globarange BB-GT1540 cordless VoIP phone has two keypads, one on the base and the other on the handset, which includes easy dialling tasks for those users who need to a couple of calls.

The BB-GT1540 comes complete with an answering machine so calls when you are not available will always be answered.The answer machine can store up to 45 minutes of messages. The BB-GT1540 is Plug ‘N’ Play and can be used through a PSTN connection so you can experience traditional calls and VoIP.

Globarange offers completely free calls to other VoIP enabled Globarange phones both here and abroad for up to three years.You can purchase the Panasonic Globarange BB-GT1540 VoIP phone with answer machine from cordlessphones.co.uk for the great price of just £93.61.

Globarange BB-GT1540 VoIP

  • Traditional Core Panasonic Features
  • Dual PSTN / VoIP
  • Dual Keypad
  • Easy to use (Plug & Play)
  • 3 years free connection on VoIP
  • 45mins Answering Machine
  • Cheaper calls

For further information on the Panasonic Globarange BB-GT1540 VoIP phone and answer machine, or to purchase please click here.

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