Apple iPhone v1.1.3 firmware update: SMS bugs cause complaints

Apple iPhone v1.1.3 firmware SMS bugs. We have told you about the Apple iPhone v1.1.3 firmware a few times now with many of us getting excited about it. It has been said that it is not meeting universal praise at all from all its users.

Many of you in Britain are in fact complaining that the update has mucked up the way your Apple iPhone sorts text messages and making conversations look out of order, meaning that it is all sorted in the wrong order, one of the newest features of the firmware update was indeed the ability to send multiple text messages at once and with this not working properly is causing much upsets.

Apple apparently knows about this issue saying that when sending or receiving text messages on the iPhone, the SMS messages may be displayed out of sequence”.

Let us know if you are having problems, we would love to know. Please post your comments below.

Source – Information Week


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