Timbaland mobile phone album makes music history: Available to Verizon wireless V Cast subscribers

Now if you want Timbaland music magic then read on peeps because the music marvel is creating a brand new album which will be available to Verizon wireless V Cast subscribers.

The rapper will produce one song per month for the mobile phone provider where he will create music magic in the studio with a different artist each month, all the studio experience will be captured on film creating such things as “Making of Footage” that will be available on Timbaland’s channel for V Cast subscribers.

This is quite cool really because nearly everyone has a mobile phone and with just making a mobile album which has never been done will make music history.

All of these tracks will be accessible only via V Cast and Verizon and Timbaland fans can look forward to a mobile compilation album at the end of the year.

Is Timbaland making the right choice, and will all you fans love what he is doing?

Source — product-reviews.net

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