Android-based E28 touchscreen phone demo video: Mobile World Congress

We have heard about Android over and over again, but just in case you have not had your daily fix on it then let us give you a little update with a video to watch.

This has all been featured at the Mobile World Congress this year and now it seems they have let loose a video that will show you how the much-anticipated OS in full working order on a touchscreen phone from E28.

Please watch the video below and see if the OS is quite sluggish to you, ok yes it is still very good considering it is now running with any modifications on some pretty lackluster hardware (a 200MHz OMAP TI 730 chipset and just 64MB RAM and 64MB ROM).

The question we want to know is “When will we see it on our mobile phones?

Source — SlashGear via PhoneMag

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