Nokia launches Yamake on the N-Gage mobile platform

Straight from Espoo, Nokia launch their newest mobile game Yamake, which is a mix-match for ‘you make the game’ on the Nokia N-Gage platform. Nokia state a user will be able to formulate their own game via a range of mini-games, a user will be able to add sound clips, texts, pictures and movies.


Yamake games can then be shared over the N-Gage arena and by MMS N-Gage and S60 compatibles, but don’t think for one minute you will be creating 3D first person shoot-em-up type games, it will be more like quizzes and picture puzzles. So there it is, users will be making more of a customisation rather than an actually creation game.

Want to know more then check out the press release here 


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  1. Mobile phones have all the attributes of a games machine: a screen, memory, processing power and an input device. They also have the advantage of connectivity. So it is of little surprise, given the sheer numbers, that the most distributed and the most played game in the world today is Snake on Nokia handsets. Yet this is a false beacon because mobile phone gaming is a very tiny fraction of the size that it should and could be.

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