LG is after market share from flagging Motorola

Nam Yong, chief executive of LG was asked if Motorola’s seemingly poor performance is looked upon as a chance for the South Korean mobile phone company, he replied with…”Yes, we’ll increase our market share sharply!”

As with most business when one company shows signs of failing, others wait on the sidelines ready to pounce and grab the market share, and LG are no different, and well really should be supported for their efforts as they have brought out several low-end and a couple of high-end handsets such as the Viewty. However it would still be a good thing if Motorola were able to put themselves together and recover what with their Q9 smartphones and Z10, and maybe they are working on releasing a Z12 at some stage.

LG, the 5th largest mobile phone maker who holds 7.2% of the global; market plans to shift 100 million handsets over this year. Will LG succeed? I don’t know, but if Motorola does go out I’m sure LG will move quickly to grab the market share.

Source — Reuters

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