Are you worried about mini mobile projectors? Could cause visual pollution

We have come across a report that is very interesting indeed and that is why we want you our valued readers to read the following and then let us know what you think.

We all know that Texas Instruments and many other companies are pushing forward in the way of mobile phone projectors like mini and pico, but it seems that many people are not happy and they are not getting excited about them.

Some people have said things like a warning about a number of potential dangers which include Future Laboratory founder Martin Raymond saying to the BBC that while the projectors (likely to be used primarily in cellphones) are “appealing initially,” he has concerns about the devices causing “visual pollution,”.

We want to know a couple of things —
1. Do you think that mobile phone projectors could cause visual pollution?
2. Do you think having mobile phones with mini projectors is a cool feature and who cares what they say?

Source – About Projectors via BBC News

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