Living Streets pads up London to protect texters

What with 6 million people in the UK last year being hurt due to walking whilst text messaging on their mobile handsets, maybe it’s time something was done? And so it has, in the form of wrapping lampposts in protective pads. The pilot scheme is taking place in Brick Lane because research has found that Brick Lane has the highest proportion of walk and texting injuries in the UK.

So to aid in the fight against walking into lampposts, the charity Living Streets teamed up with the 118 118 directory enquiries service to test the idea of wrapping up London’s lampposts. Once the trial is complete, and if successful there will be a local poll to gauge the public’s reaction. The lamppost protection concept will be rolled out in the cities of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

Living Streets

So what’s your view? Good idea or complete waste of tax payers hard earned cash?

Source — yahoo 

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