Mobile phone radiation reduction with PhoneShield

Mobile handset growth is expanding on a daily basis in the UK, and responding to that the PhoneShield has received a new launch. The small PhoneShield is a discreet product which attaches with ease to any mobile handset, and is said to reduce the effects of low-frequency, non-thermal radiation via the usage of quartz crystals.

There is a list of possible problems caused by the use of mobile phones which include: headaches, tiredness, insomnia, muscle weakness, and confusion. Statistics show that 90% of secondary school children are in possession of a mobile phone, and there are many more of younger ages, the PhoneShield could be seen as a very useful piece of protective technology.

The PhoneShield website explains Phoneshield works by emitting a low-frequency signal that intercepts and cancels out the mobile’s pulsed frequency pattern; however it does not halt mobile handset radiation, if it did your mobile would cease to work. PhoneShield is available for £9.99.

Source — PhoneShield

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