I have Apple iPhone but I want to copy and paste, welcome to iCopy

We all know that the Apple iPhone is very good for work use and of course general searching on the net and the most demanded app people want is the option to cut and paste, but the question many people ask is “what if you want to copy and paste a URL or text?

Well now with the help of a very cool bookmarklet code all Apple iPhone users can now copy URLs and text and then be able to paste into a form or email the text or link to a friend or even yourself.

Welcome to the whole new iCopy, iCopy is a very good solution that will put smiles on faces.

Here’s how to get iCopy to work on your Apple iPhone:
– Drag this link to your Safari browser’s bookmark bar. (this will save the bookmarklet to your Safari browser’s bookmark file)
– Connect your iPhone and let iTunes sync your Safari bookmarks. Make sure to check the “Sync Safari Bookmarks” box. (this will save the iCopy bookmarklet to your iPhone)
– Find some web text or URL address that you want to copy.
– Bring up your bookmarks and tap “Copy/Paste”
– Select “Copy”
– Select the “Copy” action you’d like to perform (Copy Text, Copy URL, Email URL, etc.)
– Go to the web-form into which you’d like to insert the text or URL that you just copied.
– Bring up your bookmarks and tap “Copy/Paste”
– You’ll be taken to another page for a quick moment, and then you’ll be returned to your original page.
– Bring up your bookmarks and tap “Copy/Paste” again. You’ll see a dialog box indicating that you’re ready to paste.
– Tap the text box into which you’d like to insert the copied text/URL.

Watch the video below, which shows you how it works.

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