New Sony Ericsson W580i Jungle Green colour: Fake or Real?

The Sony Ericsson W580i is a very popular mobile phone and we have told you about the W580i in Pink and the W580i in Grey and they come in other colours as well but today we want to turn your eyes to the brand new colour.

The Sony Ericsson W580i now in jungle green colour, not too sure if I like this colour but I guess there are many of you that will.


To tell you the truth we are not sure if the image above is fake or real, is this the new colour because of Saint Patrick’s Day, we will have to wait and see. We will keep you posted my friends.

Source – SEFanatics


3 thoughts on “New Sony Ericsson W580i Jungle Green colour: Fake or Real?”

  1. Jessica says:

    this is a lovely phone and i regret giving it to my mother in law for Christmas.
    It's a lovely colour, if you like green and the orange keypad goes well in contrast with it.
    Very good texter, media player, great themes to make for them, totally compitable with all my creative needs.
    If my mother in law every wants to upgrade, i'll ask nicely if i could have it 😉 🙂

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