Nokia stands firm in battle with Qualcomm

And still the battle continues between Nokia and Qualcomm with the latest bit of news escaping from Espoo calls into question Qualcomm’s whole argument as Nokia states they have handed over somewhere in the region of $1 Billion in licensing fees to Qualcomm so they can use Qualcomm tech.

The licensing deals between 1992 and 2001 have been completely paid in full and apparently royalty free thus Nokia feels they need pay no more. But Qualcomm thinks otherwise with their position being as long as Nokia carries on shipping hardware which uses their tech, Nokia implicitly agrees to continue with the original deals.

Nokia rebuts with the deals can only be extended via written agreement, and as they have already paid in full Nokia believes it’s free to continue going about its market dominating business.

So there you have it, two giants battling it out over basically the same argument, one would have thought they would reach an agreement and come to a settlement, as it cannot be easy fighting 12 separate cases which are pending over three differing continents!

Source — Reuters

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