An Apple iPhone most cant afford but would love to own

Most ladies would kill to get hold of one of these; they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so this stunning diamond studded Apple iPhone is sure to attract.

We present to you the work of Austrian designer Peter Aloisson designed Apple iPhone, the world’s most expensive iPhone at only $176,400 USD. Diamond studded mobile handset are not a new thing, however the iPhone Princess Plus does stand out as the most expensive. Why Princess Plus, because of the Princess Cut used on 138 of the 318 diamond studs on the iPhone’s surface, the other 180 are brilliant cut diamonds. The Princess Plus iPhone has 17.75 carats embedded in 18karat white gold around the handsets rim.

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

The first customer for a Princess Plus iPhone was a Russian businessman, he pre-ordered it back in October 07 for delivery in January 08 at the princely sum of $174,000 USD which is €120,000. However if the Princess Cut Plus is a tad too expensive for your bank account how about one set in only brilliant cut diamonds that will be a little easier on your bank balance at just $66,500 USD, about €45,000.

So there you have it the world’s most expensive Apple iPhone…but what about the world’s most expensive phone? Well that has to be the Goldvish Le Million, which is 8 carat white gold encrusted with a gob-smacking 1,800 diamonds totalling 120 carats with an astounding price tag of (this would give your bank manager a heart attack) $1.45 Million USD.

Source — newlaunches

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