Apple iPhone will have 3G video chat via iChat: video

Apple hardware prognosticator Kevin Rose has stoked the fire of 3G iphone flames everywhere as it appears the founder of the extremely popular social networking news website gave Kevin Rose some inside knowledge on some iPhone rumours that have been goring round. Previously, Rose speculated on the initial release of the iPhone, citing sources which intimated the iPhone would have two battery compartments, GSM and CDMA, and a slide-out keyboard. All these predictions failed to come about, but isn’t that how rumours happen?

More of Rose’s sources indicate the 3G iphone having two-way video chat over the expanding AT&T 3G network. Rose says the 3G iphone will incorporate a dual camera setup to allow for video calls, what’s more is the founder of Digg says Apple is restricting 3rd party iPhone apps from running in the background to halt any competition to its own iChat app, which is how the iPhone will deliver the video chat. So take a gander at the video of the interview below to find out more.

Source — intomobile

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