Where would you be without your mobile phone?

Could you live without your mobile phone? Or “Where would you be without your mobile phone? These are just two questions that many of you may find hard to answer.

When you think about it, it is pretty weird that not so long ago mobile phones did not exist and we all got along just fine, now we have super smartphones that basically does everything your computer would do.

Many people would still opt for putting pen to paper when writing notes but then many of you prefer the notes application on your mobile phone, technology is going so fast sometimes I even pinch myself to try and understand what it would all be like in say 20 years time.

For example this is what the future will bring us, welcome to the Nokia Morph which is groundbreaking technology; we all know it will not stop there. Soon and speaking as a someone who uses and reviews phones everyday can see mobile phones being embed in our bodies somewhere.

So please get all your answers in to us on these two questions —

1. Where would you be without your mobile phone?
2. Could you live without your mobile phone?

Please enter all answers in the comments area provided below.


3 thoughts on “Where would you be without your mobile phone?”

  1. Dan says:

    My mobile phone means the world to me, the reason is because its much more than a phone. I use my iPhone for phone calls, music at home and for business online when away. Its a tool used daily.

  2. James says:

    Personally I always look on a phone as a phone, as long as it get what you want done its fine. Where would I be without a phone, same as where I was before they came along.

    Only diference now is they look better and are far more intellegent However in a few years time maybe mobile phones as we know them now will be totally different. Who knows?

  3. Peter says:

    I would e lost without my mobile, i tend to text more than i talk on the thing though. And the funny thing is, when choosing a mobile phone i like to have all the latest features, however once i have the phone i do not use any of those features.

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