PAYG mobile broadband dongle cost cut by 3

Fancy some cut price mobile broadband? 3 is offering what it believes is its most competitive deal for PAYG mobile broadband handset customers, they are making their USB modems available at a cut price of £69.99 rather than the usual £100. This new retail offering for Pay As You GO USB modems, or “dongles” as 3 calls them is being introduced this week, and will mean 3 is the only mobile operator to offer a deal like this.

Current PAYG price plan users will be able to get a 1GB data allowance with a £10.00 add-on, 3GB for £15.00, and 7GB for £25.00 add-on with each add-on lasting 30 days. 3 state their package provides customers with up to 100 hrs web surfing, 100 2 minute video downloads, 200 music tracks and 2000 plain text emails.

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One thought on “PAYG mobile broadband dongle cost cut by 3”

  1. John Klut says:

    3’s internet for me;
    Internet connection generally ok but no reliable.
    Occasionally shut down (for upto 1 month) for ‘upgrading’ meaning no internet (and no refund)
    Customer service and technical help – absolutely awful.
    Overall cheap, but i would not reccom end and will not be using again once my contract expires.

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