Link To Cell Panasonic routes mobiles to home phones

The use of home landlines seems to be becoming a thing of the past as many now use mobile handsets as their main phone in or out of the home. It seems Panasonic have come upon the idea that if wireless/mobile reception were better while indoors them maybe even more will come away from landlines in favour of the mobile alternative.

So to this end, Panasonic has come up with Link To Cell base station, which is basically a Bluetooth connected base station which links your mobile handset so if you receive a wireless call it will come on your mobile but then the Panasonic Link To Cell will ring your home phone when you receive a call on your mobile handset.

Link To Cell

Your handset connects with Link To Cell base station which allows the user to put their handset in any particular corner to gain good reception. Six satellite handsets can be connected throughout the home while each handset being DECT 6.0. As a final touch, the Panasonic home phone handsets are all RoHS certified. Panasonic’s Link To Cell is available not at $99.99 whit a single home handset with additional handsets costing $39.99.

Source — gadgetell

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