RIM strengthens BlackBerry presence in US at CTIA

RIM (Research In Motion) probably won’t have a great deal of news to offer at CTIA, however they haven’t been standing idle as they are pushing their strength further into the mobile handset market in the U.S.

To some up some of the points with the BlackBerry: Verizon introduces the BlackBerry Curve 8330 with GPS, Sprint announce the BlackBerry Curve 8330 and will work with Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation and Sprint Music Store, and will begin selling this month at $179.99 with a two year contract. T-Mobile declares BlackBerry pearl 8120 with WiFi which will be available 14th April. The BlackBerry Parl 8110 with GPS hits AT&T sometime in the next 2 months according to Boy Genius, and last but not least, over 1,000,000 have downloaded RIM’s Facebook application.

So there you have it, RIM may be quiet, but doesnn’tmean it’s sleeping.

Source — intomobile

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